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What is the % Saturation of Hemoglobin:

A) Leaving Lungs

B)Returning from Tissues
A) 98%

Hemoglobin is a ____ structure?

It contains 2 __ and __ chains?

Each chain has an ___ containing heme group?
Quartenary Structure
- 2 alpha and beta chains
-Fe containing heme group
O binds to __?

CO2 binds to __?

NH2 of the amino acids in the Polypeptide chain
How many Fe atoms does a Hemoglobin molecule contain?
Has 2 alpha and 2 beta chains. Each chain contains an Fe atom.
Which individual has the highest Hemoglobin blood value

A) Men

B) Women

C) Newborn
Newborn (14-20 g/100ml)
What are the two factors that determine the Hemoglobin value in the blood?
Amount of RBC and their carring capacity (how many HB molecules does the RBC carry?)
What carries Hb
Give 3 diseases that result in LOW hemoglobin values in the blood?
Cirrhosis of the liver
Give 3 diseases that result in HIGH hemoglobin values in the blood?
COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
Conjestive Hrt Failure
Define and Give 2 examples of COPD?

Which of the examples is reversible?
Chronic Lung Disease in which breathing is slowed or forced.

-Asthma (obstruction of air out of lungs) or

Emphysema/Chronic Bronchitis (obstruction of air through the airways and out of lungs)

Asthma is reversible
What is polycythemia?
Abnormally large amounts of RBC is th blood
-Overgrown BM
-Enlarged Spleen (breaks down RBC)
-Abnormal increase in RBC's
AKA: Erythremia
How do you treat Primary and Secondary Polycythemia?
Primary- Radiation Therapy, Take Blood Out of System (Phlebotomy), or chemotherapy w/ anti-metabolite drugs(cytoxan)

Secondary- depends of cause! Usually secondary polycythemia (increase in RBC) is the body is trying to compensate for loss of O, so your body will proudce more RBC's as a result to increase carring capacity to tissues. If this is the case you must replenish pt w/ O.