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The three main reasons for a ship to stand watch are?
a. communications
b. security
c. safety
The ship's organized plan for action is located in what?
the battle bill
Who are responsible for assigning qualified personnel to stations and entering their names on the Watch, Quarter and Station bill?
Division officer and Division Chief
What is the battle condition II ?
a special watch used by gunfire support
What is battle condition III ?
the normal wartime cruising watch.
What is battle condition I?
all battle stations manned.
When relieving a watch, when should you arrive?
15 mins early
The ship's bell is usually restricted to the hours between?
reveille and taps
How many bells are sounded at 0700?
0000-0400 is known as what watch?
0400-0800 is known as what watch?
morning watch
0800-1200 is known as what watch?
forenoon watch
1200-1600 is known as what watch?
afternoon watch
1600-1800 is known as what watch?
first dog watch
1800-2000 is known as what watch?
second dog watch
2000-2400 is known as what watch?
evening watch
What is the purpose of the dog watch?
to rotate watches
Most sailors stand what kind of watches?
The watch system is divided into what kinds of watches?
a. underway
b. in-port watches
What do security watches do?
a. prevent sabotage
b. protect property from theft
c. prevent access to restricted areas
d. protect personnel
Who maintains the ship's deck log while underway?
Where does the fog lookout normally stand?
in the bow where approaching ships can better be seen and heard.
Normally, an after steering watch is stood when?
a. general quarters
b. under way replenishment
c. sea and anchor detail
the sound and security watch reports directly to who , and the results of thier inspections are logged where?
a. OOD
b. ship's deck log
General orders cover situations of what?
routine nature common to most sentry posts
How are bearings measured?
degrees, clockwise around a circle from 000 to 360
Three types of bearings are?
a. relative
b. true
c. magnetic
how are beaings reported?

how are positions reported?
- 3 digits, spoken digit by digit

- 1 or 2 digits, spoken whole
When using your hand as an aid to determine the position angle of an aircraft, your closed fist is how many degrees?
the improvement of vision in dim light is known as?
dark adaptation
it takes how long to reach your best night vision?
30 mins