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Show pink puffer pt vs blue bloater.
What disease do they have in common and how are they different?
Pink Puffer- emphysema
Blue Bloater- chronic bronchitis
What are both diseases caused by?
Which looks more dangerous and which is actually more dangerous?
pink puffer looks wrose because they are tripoding and puffing away, but blue bloater is worse because they are hypoxic
WHy is the pink puffer pink?
because they hyperventilate and it happens more acutely so they aren't adjested to the trouble breathing yet
Why is the pink puffer puffing?
so they don;t collapse their flimsy airways when exhaling. Also they are hyperventilating
Why is the pink puffer so thin>
because they are cachectic from low CO
What is cachectic?
loss of weight and energy in someone who is not trying to lose wight
Why is the blue bloater blue?
Can't take in enough oxygen while capillaries are still intact (unlike pink puffers) so there is VQ mismatch and low blood oxygen.
What is CO like for the blue bloater at first? Why?
high because the low O2 will cause HR to go up
What is CO like for the blue bloater later on? Why?
it decreases because of pulmonary vasoconstriction from VQ mismatch
What does this decrease in CO later on simulate? What system does it activate?
it activates the RAAS and simulated heart failure (fluid retention)
Why is the blue bloater blue?
not getting enough oxygen
So whose ABG would be off?
blue bloaters would be down
pink puffers would be normal although more struggling to breathe