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What is the causative agent of lymphatic filariasis?
W. bancrofti.
How is the parasite which causes lymphatic filariasis transmitted?
The hulex mosquito, which bites only at night.
What is elephantiasis?
The extreme manifestation of lymphatic filariasis in which massive swelling of the lower limbs and genitalia occurs as a result of parasitic blockage of lymph flow.
How does chronic lymphatic filariasis result in permanent swelling of the lower extremities and genitalia?
Chronic parasitic infection of lymph nodes results in fibrotic changes to these areas.
Other than clinical presentation, how is lymphatic filariasis diagnosed?
The presence of microfilariae in blood samples taken at night.
What drug has been pivotal in bringing the incidence of onchonceriasis under control?
What is the vector for Onchocerca? What is its habitat?
*black fly
*it lives near moving water
Where are adult worms found in onchocerciasis?
They live in nodules under the skin or eye.
What is the cause of the intense itching seen in onchocerciasis? What is a sequela of this itching?
*Adult worms release microfilariae which migrate under the skin
*secondary infection due to scratching
How is onchocerciasis diagnosed?
Skin snips are examined for the presence of motile microfilariae.