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Who was Mary Jane McLeod Bethune?
Special advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Dedicated her life to African American Education.
Who is Maya Angelou?
Famous author of poetry, plays, and a T.V. series.
Who was George Washington Carver?
Scientist who discovered hundreds of uses for the peanut and ideas to increase farm productivity.
Who was Guion Bluford?
First African American astronaut.
Who was Dr. William Edward Burghardt DuBois?
Helped organize the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).
Who was Thurgood Marshal?
First African American on the United State Supreme Court.
Who was Harriet Ross Tubman?
Born a slave,escaped to the North. Key leader in the Underground Railroad.
Who is Shirley Chisholm?
First African American to become a member of the United States Congress.
Who was Ray Charles?
Famous African American musician who introduced soul music to America.
Who is Colin Powell?
First African American to serve as the United States Secretary of State.
Who is Condoleezza Rice?
The first African American woman to be serve as the United States Secretary of State.
Who is Rosa Parks?
Due to her refusal to sit in the back, segregated portion of the bus, she was an inspiration to the Civil Rights Movement.