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the study of forces and their effects on living systems
study of forces the their effects on humans in exercise and sport
sport and exercise biomechanics
the two goals of sport and exercise biomechanics
performance improvement, injury prevention and rehabilitation
what are three performance improvement goals of sport and exercise biomechanics?
technique, equipment, and training improvement
what are two injury prevention and rehabilitation goals of biomechanics?
techniques to reduce injury, equipment designs to reduce injury
the study of human movment
two divisions of rigid body mechanics are __ and __
statics and dynamics
category of mechanics when objects are at rest or moving at a constant velocity
category of mechanics when objects are in accelerated motion
two categories of dynamic mechanics are __ and __
kinematics and kinetics
description of motion
forces that cause changes in motions
description without the use of numbers
description using numbers
mechanics is a __ science
values like speed, power, force, velocity, and acceleration can all be found using what three measures of mechanics?
length, time, and mass
most widely used and accurate for all aspects of describing the body, standing in an upright posture, facing straight ahead, feet parallel and close, and palms facing forward
anatomical position
essentially the same as anatomical positoin except arms are at teh sides and palms facing the body
fundamental position
closer to the head
farther away from the head
toward teh front of the body
toward teh back of teh body
toward teh midline of teh body
away from the midline of teh body
closer to the trunk
away from the trunk
toward teh surface of teh body
inside the body awary from the surface
three main cardinal planes of motoin
sagittal, frontal, transverse
as movment occurs in a given plane, the joint moves or turns about an axis that is __ to that plane
90 degrees
divides body into equal, bilateral segments, bisects body into 2 equal symmetrical halves or a right and left half, movement occurs along the lalteral axis, e.g, sit up , running, bicep curls
sagittal planes
divides the bod into front and back halves, movement occurs along the AP axis, E.g. jumping jacks, cartwheels
frontal plane
divides body into top and bottom halves when the individual is in anatomic position, movment occurs along the vertical axis, e.g. swinging a bat, ptiching a baseball, medicine ball twists
transverse plane
movements that occur in the sagittal plane (5)
flexion, extension, hyperextension, dosriflexion, plantar flexion
movements that occur in the frontal plane (9)
abduction, adduction, lateral trunk flexion, elevation, depression, inversion, eversion, radial and ulnar deviation
movements that occur on the transverse plane (8)
left and right rotation, medial and lateral rotation, supination and pronation, horizontal abduction and adduction