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What is the Chromosome Structure?
DNA that coils up around histone proteins.
What are the two types of chromosomes?
Sex Chromosomes which determine the sex of the organism and Autosomes which are all the other chromosomes.
What are Homologous Chromosomes?
The two copies of the same chromosomes.
What is the difference between diploid cells and haploid cells?
Diploid has the full amount of chromosomes in a human=46.Haploid has the half amount of chromosomes=23.
What is the 2 types of Cell Division?
1. Mitosis:2 new cells that are identicle to the parent cell.
2: Meosis:Cells divide to form haploid cells.
What are the divison of cell nucleus?
Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase,and Telophase.
What happens during Prophase?
Chromosomes are doubled.
What happens during Metaphase?
Nucleus dissapears. Chromosomes line up.
What happens during Anaphase?
Chromosomes split and move to opposite sides of the cell.
What happens during Telophase?
Nucleus reforms around chromosomes.
What happens durring Cytokinesis in animals?
Cytokinesis begins with a pinching inward of the cell membrane in the middle between the dividing cell into two cells.
What happens during Cytokinesis in plants?
The area of the cell membrane that pinches in and separates the cell in two.Vesides formed by Golgi apparatus fuse at the midline of cell,that forms a membrane bound cell wall. The nthe cell separates.