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Adult stem cells

Cells that can make certain types of body cell


Become different from others

Embryonic stem cells

Cells found in the embryo that are capable of becoming any cell type found in the body of a complex organisms

Gene splicing

The process used to add a gene into or remove genes from DNA

Genetically modified

Having the genes changed


The genetic information carried by a haploid set of chromosomes

Human genome project

An international project that aims to identify all the human genes and determine the sequence of the base pairs that make up human chromosomes

Induced pluripotent skin cells


Mature cells that have been induced to revert to their pluripotent (capable of becoming a human cell) state


Ring of DNA found in bacteria


Capable of becoming any one of 220 different cell types found in the human body

220 different cell types

Recombinant DNA technology

Technology that allows DNA to be recombined with other genes

Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)

Differences of only one base between one human and other