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What side of the heart pumps blood to the lungs
The right side
What side of the heart pumps blood to the tissues
the left
What are the three types of blood vessels
arteries (arterioles)
Veins (Venules)
what is the function of arteries and arterioles function
take blood away from the heart.
What is the function of the capillaries
they exchange substances with the tissues.
What is the function of the veins and venules?
take blood to the heart
arteries that carry 02 rich blood
systemic circuit
Carbon dixiode leaves the capillaries, and oxygen enters the capillaries
pulmonary circuit
Arteries carry blood away from the heart, and vein carry blood toward the heart.
both the pulmonary and sytemic circuit
Contains the renal arteries and veins
systemic circuit
When the atria contract, the blood flows
into the ventricles and through the atrioventricular valves
The pulmonary trunk and the aorta are attached and start at
attached to the ventricles and start at the semilunar valves
Which one of these associations is mismatched
left ventricle-aorta
right ventricle-pulmonary trunk
right atrium-vena cava
left artrium-pulmonary artery
right ventricle-pulmonary trunk
right atrium-vena cava
True or false: artery-largest diameter of the blood vessels
Capillary-thin walls
True or false
Artery-thick walls
True or False
true or false
Where would u find the Purkinje fibers
in the walls of the ventricles
True of False:
During a heartbeat the atria contract at the same time
True or FAlse
During a heartbeat the ventricles relax at the same time
True or False:
during a heartbeat the atrioventicular valves open at the same time
True or False:
During a heartbeat the semilunar valves open at the same time
True of False:
During a heartbeat first the right side contracts, and then the left side contracts.
When the Ventricles contract, the blood flows into the______ and to the ------
attached blood vessels, lungs and the body
Which is the function of the lymphatic system
Returns excess fluid to the blood.
Transports lipids absorbed from the digestive system.
Defends the body against pathogens.
What structural similarities do veins and lymphatic vessels have in common?
Both contain valves for one-way flow of fluids
True or False:
Lymph nodes,like the spleen,filter blood.
All arteries in the body contain oxygen rich blood, with the exception of the _____
pulmonary arteries
The cardiac veins directly enter the ___
right atrium
The "lub" the first heart sound, is produced by the closing of _----
both atrioventricular valves
The QRS wave of an ECG should be associated with____
systole of ventricles
Relaxation of a heart chamber is called
Large systemic vein that returns blood from body areas below the diaphram is the
inferior vena cava
Rhythmic expansion and recoil of arteries resulting from heart contraction;can be felt from outside the body.
Abnormal accumulation of fluid in the tissues;can lead to swelling of a body part.
The part of the cardiovascular system that serves body parts and does not include the gas-exchanging surfaces of the lungs.
Systemic circuit