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Transcription occurs in ______.

The nucleus

How does transcription in proks differ from transcription in euks?

Proks: no nuclues, RNA not processed, single RNA transcribes all genes

What is the strand read by RNA polymerase?

The template strand

In euks, the RNA polr that transcribes for mRNA is ____.

RNA Polymerase II

Recessive genes first appear in which generation?

The F2 generation

Mendles law of independent assortment does not hold when _____.

Genes are located on same strand.

Chromatin = ______.

DNA + Protein (histomes)

What are the three different sites for tRNA bonding & poly peptide synthesis?

P Site: Peptidyl site

A Site: Amino acyl site

E Site: Exit site

The degree of chromatin compaction is regulated by _______.

Histone Tails

Chromosome common to both sexes is referred to as ______.


Highly condensed chromatin with small gene expression


Nuclear Envelope breaks down occurs during _________.