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Competitive inhibitor

Compete for the active site forming enzyme inhibitor complex's, however a product is not formed as the inhibitor does not react with the enzyme

Definition of biodiversity



Group of similar organisms that can reproduce to produce an fertile offspring

A liger and tiger are different species as liger cannot produce fertile offspring

Named species

1.5-1.75 million

Total species

5-100 million

Why only a small fraction of total species is named?

Is virus living or not?, classification issues, unexplored regions, many bacteria

Human cause of extinction

Population exponentially increasing and so more accommodation therfore less habits for other living species

Environmental cases for extinction

Meteorite, climate change acidic sea and thermal expansion

Non specific response to disease??

Primary and secondary defense mechanisms include phagocytosis such as neutrophils (mostcommon) and macrophages- which initiate the specific response


Lipid test

Crush substance

Add to test tube with ethanol

Filter ethanol into a test tube with cold water

Discard solid residue

Positive=milky emulsion

Negative=no change

Test can't be done on milk!

Test for reducing sugers

-Add substance to test tube

-add same volume of benedicts solution

-heat to 80° in water bath

Positive=blue to green to yellow to orange to red

If the test is negative, there still may be a non-reducing suger and so:

reducing test should be done before the non reducing test.

Consequence of doing the non reducing test first.: positive result still indicates that a reducing suger is possibly. present

Note this is a test for most sugers as most sugers are reducing sugers

Further the colour change, more the reducing suger.


Non reducing suger test

Should be done after a reducing suger test shows to be negative

-add hcl

-heat in water bath

-cool test tube and add HCO3(hydrogen carbonate)

-add gain do benedicts test

-positive=blue to green to yellow to orange to red

Negative=no change

Quantitative test for reducing suger

-Colorimeter shines light through a sample

-photoelectric cell picks up light

-solution of sample is placed between the light and cell

-less light=more reducing suger

Test for starch (qualitative)

Place sample in test tube

Add iodine

Positive=blue _black

Negative=remains orange yellow

Protien test

-Place sample in test tube

-Add equal volume of biuret-solution(NaOH+copper sulfate)

-mix by swirling


Negative=no change