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proteins are made by joining into long chains called
amino acids into polypeptides
In the nucleus
Contains your
genetic code
Determines how you how you act everything about
look , act, everything about you
must make
copies of itself
must make
copies of itself
must make
copies of itself
protein finctions within the cell
DNA is made of something called
Nucleotides are made of
sugars, phosphates and nitrogen bases
RNA makes a copy of DNA'S info
one sided copy
transcription-process by which RNA is
produced from DNA
what makes what?
dna makes rna
Made of nucleotides-_______,______ and ______ bases
sugar (deoxyribose) phosphate and nitrogen bases
Sides are made of
sugars and phosphates
steps are made of
nitrogen bases
held by a
hydrogen bond
There are only 4 them
Adenine, Guanine, Thymine and cytosine
Base pairing tules
A with T, C with G
The sequence of DNA nucleotides forms the
genetic code of an organism
DNA ______ breaks the H bonds between the 2 DNA sides
DNA ___________ bonds the new nucleotides to the original strands
You start out with one strand of DNA and end up with--------------- after DNA replication
Two exact copies