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what is the purpose of the elctron transport chain?
to use the electrons carried by the NADH and FADH2 to provide energy that will create ATP
where does the electron transport chain take place?
the inner membrane of the mitchondria
the first step of the e- transport chain...
2 e- are donated from either NADH or FADH to a protein on the inner membrane
2nd step of the ETC
these 2 e- are passed from one membrane protein to the next on the inner membrane along a chain
third step of ETC
the energy provided from these passed e- are used to pump h+ ions from the matrix to the innermembrane space, creating a high [H+ ion] within the innermembrane space of the matrix
4th step of the ETC
bc there is a higher [h+ ion] in the innermembrane space than in the matrix, the h+ ions will want to move out of the innermembrae space to the matrix where the [H+ ion] is lower
5th step of the ETC
the H+ ions will move through a protein called ATP synthase in order to balance out the concentration
6th step of the ETC
when this happens, the ATP synthase will turn and attach a phospate group to an ADP molecule creating ATP in the matrix
7th step of the ETC
when all of the electrons have been passed down the ETC, the final electron acceptor is oxygen
8th step of the ETC
the 2 e- combine with one O2 molecule and 4H+ ions to create 2H20 molecules