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what is the Green house effect?
1.Solar energy penetrates earth’s atmosphere and warms its surface
2.Some heat radiates away from earth into the atmosphere
3.Some heat escapes into space
4.Some heat is absorbed by Greenhouse gases (ghg) and returned to earth
5.AS the concentration of GHG increases, so does the amount of the heat returned
what are some examples of human induced global changes?
1.Acid rain -> mainly caused by industry
2.Ozone destruction -> mainly caused by cfcs
3. Global warming - > mainly caused by GHG
what are the Ozone Depletion steps?
1.CFCs escape in atmosphere
2.CFCs destroy ozone
3.More UV radiation reaches earth’s surface
4.Increase in skin cancer cases
Identify three nonreplacable resourceses
1. Species of living things (not extinct)
2. Topsoil
3. Groundwater
Biological magnification
When molecules pass through trophic layers in the food chain, they become increasingly concentrated.

- This happens with chlorinated hydrocarbons (and DDA) and it impacts birds (makes them extint)
Porous rock resoirvs that contain ground water.
why are supplies of soil and ground water declining?
- bc people are wasting them
- human impact has caused topsoil to be flown away by rain and wind
-we allow animal overgrazing and we turnover soil too much to protect from weeds

- also pollute water by dumping things on it (pesticides, chemicals)