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The use of genetics to predict and explain traits in children.
What is Genetic Counseling?
A condition in which neither gene is dominant.
What is Incomplete Dominance?
A chromosome that does not determine sex.
What is an Autosome?
A disorder in which red blood cells are not round.
What is Sickle-Cell Anemia?
Sex chromosomes of the female.
What are X-Chromosomes?
A chromosomes that determine if child is male or female.
What are Sex Chromosomes?
A diagram that can show how a trait is passed along in a family.
What is a Pedigree?
A genetic disorder called word blindness.
What is Dyslexia?
A disorder in which some colors are not seen as they should be.
What is Color Blindness?
A way of looking at chromosomes of a fetus.
What is Amniocentesis?
The sex chromosomes of a male.
What are XY Chromosomes?
Two babies who form from different egg & sperm, have different DNA & genes, and are not clones.
What are Fraternal Twins?
Two babies who form from one egg and one sperm, have exactly the same genes & DNA
What are Identical Twins?
A Genetic change in DNA due to an error in base pairing & may be caused from radiation.
What is a Mutation?
Pair up by A,C,G,&T, join only in certain ways & are present in cell nucleus.
What are Nitrogen Bases?
Formed by splicing of DNA, can produce human insulin, and is made by adding DNA to bacteria.
What is Recombinant DNA?
A form of energy released by the sun (plasma) which can cause mutations.
What is Radiation?
A selective reproduction process done with plants and animals which can result in better crops.
What is Genetic Breeding?
An order of bases in DNA which is copied.
What is a Genetic Message?
Chemical that carries DNA message from nucleus to ribosome, directs the forming of protein & an Acid.
What is Ribonucleic Acid (RNA)?
A chemical that makes up chromosomes, controls the traits of living things and is an acid.
What is Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)?