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What's another word for data?


What is another word for condition at a time?


What is an important aspect of experimentation and has a profound effect on interpretation of results?

Sample size

What is a mathematical calculation that allows you to express the extent of experimental variation?

Standard deviation

What considers the difference between random variation and experimental variation?

statistical significance

What are examples of carbohydrates?

Monosaccharides, disaccharides, or polysaccharides

What is a storage form of carbohydrate?


Glucose is a _________?


Sucrose is a _________?


Amylose is a ________?


What reagent is used to test for the presence of reducing sugars or carbohydrates and turns red-brown?

Benedict's reagent

What reagent is used to detect the presence of monosaccharides and turns red?

Barfoed's reagent

What is the hypothesis?

There are about 17% of colored beans in our container

Did your data support the hypotheses with a sample size of 10?

The data did not support the hypotheses because the ratio was not big enough to show the actual ratio and percentage of colored beans

What effect did the increase in sample size have on whether or not the hypothesis was supported?

It allowed ratio and proportion of pink to white beans get closer to balancing, closer to actual amount of beans

Did the ratio of colored beans vary more in small or large samples?

Varied more in small samples because there is a lot of variation when picking up fewer beans

Which result is more accurate?

80 beans count because its closer to actual amount. 10 beans represents a small percentage

What detects proteins via amino acid and turns purple?


What detects lipids and turns red?

Oil Red O

A denatured protein is reduced to its primary structure therefore still a protein

A denatured protein is reduced to its primary structure therefore still a protein!!!

Examples of lipids?

Phospholipids, cholesterol , steroids

Examples of proteins (which are amino acids)?

Glycine, valine, serine, proline

Examples of sugars?

glycogen, starch, glucose, cellulose, chitin

The movement of water molecules across a membrane is _________?


What is a physical separation method that separates components on the basis of mass?


The process of ___________ is used to selectively isolate proteins from a mixed solution/


What is it when there is a greater solute concentration?


Having a less solute concentration?


Having the same solute concentration?


What is the separation of particles in a liquid on the basis of differences in their ability to pass through a membrane?


What reagent is a detector for starch and turns bluish-black?

Lugol's iodine