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any process that requires energy
How many turns of the Kreb's cycle are necessary to finish the breakdown of a glucose molecule?
2 turns
What is the complete general equation for photosynthesis?

6CO + 6H O ---> C H O + 6O
The Kreb's cycle is concidered an aerobic processbut none of the steps involve oxygen. How?
this couldn't happen because the process would just stop.
Where does acetyl-CoA come from?
Where is the most ATP made in aerobic respiration produced?
the electron transport chain
What is released when glucose is broken down completely in cellular respiration?
What are the main reactants in cellular respiration?
Carbon dioxide, water and energy
What are the main products of cellular respiration?
Carbon dioxide, water, and energy
If ATP is produced in glcolysis why is it necessary to have the kreb's cycle and the electron transport system?
more ATP is needed for a multicellular organism to function properly
What are the reactants in cellular respiration?
glucose and oxygen
How are photsynthesis and cellular respiration alike?
they are both processes that transform energy into different forms
What is the process by which water is split?
What is the "net" energy gain from glycolysis?
2 ATP's
what is meant by cycle?
a sries of steps put together in a circular fashion.
What diferences are there between the electron transport systems of photosynthesis and cellular respiration?
*In photosynthesis the ETS happens in the photosynthetic membrane and in respiration it is in the inner membrane of the mitochondria.
* oxygen is needed as the final electron acceptor in respiration and in photosynthesis it is NADPH+
Where does the electron transport take place?
Photosynthesis- photosynthetic membrane
Respiration- inner membrane of the mitochondria
What organelle is the site of cellular respiration?
the inner membrane of the mitochondion
any process that does not require oxygen
How are respiration and fermentation different?
Respiration is aerobic ans produces much more ATP and fermentation is anaerobic.
what is important to bakers and brewers?
Alcoholic fermentaion
What organelle is the site of photosynthesis?
the photosythetic membrane or the cytoplasm
Which reactant in the basic equation for photosynthesis is obtained directly from water?
oxygen gas
Why is breathing necessary for cellular respiration in animals?
you need oxygen for the electron transport chain as the final acceptor.
What is the role of oxygen in respiration?
Oxygen is the final electron acceptor
What are the total products produced from the krebs cycle from finishing the breakdown of a glucose molecule?
6-NADH, 2-FADH2, 2-GTP which later become 2-ATP, and 4-CO2
What is meant by breathing?
the taking in of gases and the releasing of gases
Which substances do not continue to go around in the Kreb's cycle?
NADH, FADH2, GTP that later becomes ATP and CO2
This causes a painful burning sensation in muscles?
Lactic acid fermentation
In what ways are the electron transport system in photosynthesis and respiration similar?
they both have high energy electrons pump hydrogen ions
What else is being added to NADP+ besides 2 e-'s?
hydrogen ions-H+
How are photosynthesis and cellular respiration different?
*photosynthesis gathers energy and respiration releases it.
*Photosynthesis reactions are respirations products and respirationreactions are photosynthesis products.
What is the substance that begins the series of reaction called the Kreb's Cycle?
Why if a cell has mitochondria that can carry out aerobic respiration does the same cell have the ability to carry out the fermentation process?
if tthere isn't enough oxygen it has to go through fermentation so the cell can stay alive because it needs oxygen.
What is the complete general equation for cellular respiration?

C H O + 6O ---> 6CO +6H O + energy
What are the main products of photosynthesis?
glucose and oxygen
What is produced in the light-dependent reaction of photosynthesis?
NADPH, oxygen, and ATP
What did light give off to the process of photosynthesis?
Which reactant in the basic equation for photosynthesis is used in the light reaction?
How many water molecules are split at one time?
Two molecules
How many H+ are produced each time in photolysis?
Where does glycolysis take place?
What is glycolysis?
it is the breakdown of glucose into pyruvic acid.
Where does the Kreb's cycle take place?
the inner membrane of the mitochondria.
Where does the energy come from to split water molecules?
the sun
Produces 2ATP molecules and Pyruvic acid?