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What happens at the conclusion of Meiosis I?
Homologous chromosomes are separated.
A cross between a garden pea with yellow pods and a garden pea with green pods produces an F1 generation in which all the peas have green pods. This is an example of:
Complete dominance
Which blood type is the least common in the population of the US?
Sister chromatid begins to separate during what stage of mitosis?
What amount of time is required to complete meiosis in human females?
During the G1 phase of the cell cycle, a decision is made on whether the cell will continue through the cycle or:
enter into a non-dividing state (G0)
What is the genotype for all possible gametes of an organism with a genotype of RRSstt?
RSt, Rst
Alleles are:
different versions of the same gene
The giant American land beaver has 16 pairs of chromosomes in the nucleus of its cells. How many chromosomes are present in a single sperm or egg cell?
The centromere is a region in which:
chromatids are attached to one another
Recombination or crossing over occurs during which phase of meiosis
prophase I
Which occurs in meiosis but not in mitosis?
pairing of homologous chromosomes
In humans, aneuploidy is tolerated (results in a live birth) when it occurs in:
sex chromosomes and certain autosomes
When Mendel conducted his experiments to study heredity, he started with what kind of parental strains?
In meiosis, the end products:
are called gametes
Before a cell can enter the mitosis, it must first:
duplicate its chromosomes
Which phenotypic ratio observed in the F2 generation could suggest a trait exhibits codominance in its method of inheritance?
The giant purple ameoba, a single-celled organism, contains 5 pairs of chromosomes in its nucleus. It undergoes mitosis. How many chromosomes does each of the daughter cells contain?
Cancer cells:
ignore cell cycle checkpoints, resulting in uncontrolled cell division
Growth and repair occur at the cellular level through a process called:
Bacterial cells divide and reproduce by a process called:
binary fission
Certain requirements need to be met at a ___________ to enable the cell to continue on to the next stage of the cell cycle.
The only example of monosomy (one copy of a chromosome) which occurs in humans is:
XO, Turner's syndrome
Humans have ____ pairs of chromosomes in their cells.
Equational division of chromosomes
Both meiosis and mitosis
Separation of homologous chromosomes
Separation of sister chromatids
Both meiosis and mitosis
Breakdown of the nuclear membrane
Both meiosis and mitosis
Condensation of chromosomes
Both meiosis and mitosis
Reductional division of chromosomes
Down's Syndrome
Both meiosis and mitosis
Spindle formation
Both meiosis and mitosis
What is one difference between meiosis in human females and meiosis in human males?
Speed, women are a lot slower and are born with everything they'll need though they develop over years. Men however are constantly producing sperm because they develop very quickly.