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Life is characterized by Hierarchical levels of organization. What are they?
1. Cells
2. Tissues
3. Organs
4. Organ System
What are the traits of Epithial tissue?
1. tightly packed cells
2. covers the outside of the body and lines organs
What are the two ways to classify epithial tissue?
1. Simple (single layer) and Straited (multi layer)
2. Shapes maybe cubodial, columnar, and squamous
What are the three kinds of connective tissue?
1. Collagenous (do not tear easily when pulled lengthwise)
2. Elastic (provide rubbery quality)
3. Recticular (very thin and branched)
What are the major types of connective tissues in verbrates?
1. Loose Connective
2. Adipose Tissue
3. Fibrous Tissue
4. Nervous Tissue
5. Muscle Tissue
What are the three kinds of muscle tissue in the virtebrate body?
1. Skeletal
2. Cardiac
3. Smooth
What is skeletal muscle?
-acttached to bones and tendons
- response is voluntary
- straited
What is Cardiac Muscle?
- forms around the heart
- straited
What are smooth connective tissue?
- found near the digestion track
- contract slower than skeletal muscles
- involuntary actions
Mammals have a __________ that houses the lungs and heart. It is seperated from the lower ______________ by a sheey of muscle called the ___________.
1. thoratic cavity
2. abdomincal cavity
3. diaphram
What is the difference between a tendon and a ligament?
Tendon attaches bone and muscle.