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The white tailed deer is also called Odocoileus virginianus. Which genus does white tailed deer belong to?


Which sequence correctly lists the different levels of biological organization, from largest to smallest?

Biosphere, Ecosystem, Community, Population, Organism, Organ System, Organ, Tissue, Cell, Molecule, Atom

This group would be taken through the same steps as the experimental group, but would not be exposed to the experimental variable.

Control group

The lower the pH in a solution

The more acidic the solution

The discipline responsible for identifying and grouping organisms according to certain rules


The study of evolutionary relationships between organisms


Prokaryotic cells are found in which Domain(s)?

Archaea, Bacteria

Eukaryotes are____.

Multi celluar

Procaryotes are ____.

Uni Celluar

Concepts that join together well-supported and related hypothesis are called____.

Scientific theories

Which of the following is an example of natural selection or "common descent with modification"?

After several unusually cold winters, squirrels with an extra layer of fat have more offspring.

The atomic mass tells you the

sum of protons and neutrons

The atomic number tells you

the number of protons in an atom

Atoms of the same element that differ in the number of neutrons are called


In_____Bonds, sharing of electrons between two atoms is equal.

Non-polar covalent

Which property of water allows animals in a hot environment an efficient way of cooling off, and releasing excess body heat?

Water has a high heat of vaporizaton

Molecules that can attract water are said to be


Molecules that repels water are said to be


Aquatic organisms are protected from rapid temperature changes and are better able to maintain their normal internal temperatures. This is an example of which property of water?

Water has a high heat capacity

What are the properties of water?

1. Water has a high heat capacity

2.Water has a high heat of vaporization

3.Water is a solvent

4.Water molecules are cohesive and adhesive.

5.Frozen water is less dense than liquid water

What is cohesive?

Water is attracted to water

What is adhesive?

Water is attracted to other substances

Organisms are composed of tissues, which are composed of cells. This is an example of which characteristic of life?

Living things have levels of hierarchical organization.

A group of organisms in an area that are all the same species is called a_______.


Interacting species in a particular area


A community plus the physical environment.


The body temperature in a human is maintained around 37 degrees C. Which property of life does this statement represent?

Living things are homeostatic.






Which one of the following is NOT one of this six most common elements of living organisms?


Which of the following alternatives is/ are true about organic molecules?

a. they contain carbon and hydrogen

b. They are present in living organisms

c. Water is an organic molecules

d. A and B

e. A,B and C

D. A and B

In DNA, Adenine (A) can base pair with ___.


Cells use a(n)____ reaction, in order to synthesize (BUILD) a biomolecule.


Cells use a(n)____reaction, in order to break down biomolecules.


A covalent bond between two amino acids is called a(n)_____.

Polar covalent bond.

The structure of a protein is important because, _____ equals_____.

Structure, function.

Water molecules (in liquids and solids) are connected by____.

Hydrogen bonds.

Glycogen is:

The method of glucose storage in animals

What is the levels of a protein structure?





When a protein loses its shape, it is said to be___.


Acidic solutions have____, ______ concentrations.

High, Na+

A dog receives a treat every time it obeys a command. Eventually, is obeys the command without needing a treat. This is an example of a _____.


The smallest basic unit of all life is a ____.


Subatomic particles make up an atom. Which of the following is NOT a subatomic particle?






Which of the following Domains is further divided into 4 Kingdoms?


What is the function of a Carbohydrate?

Short-term energy storage

What is the function of waxes?


The monomers of proteins are _____.

amino acids

Which of the following is NOT a part of a nucleotide?

a. sugar


c.nitrogen base

d. fatty acid

d. fatty acid

What is the purpose of ATP?

It provides energy to cells.

Why do lipids not dissolve in water?

They are hydrophobic

What is the levels of classification in order from most inclusive to least inclusive?

Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.

The different steps of the scientific theory.





Radioactive Iodine (An Isotope) can be used in medicine for______.

medical scanning/ chemotherapy

Saturated Fatty Acids and Unsaturated Fatty Acids differ from each other, by the presence(or absence) of _____.

Bonds, single or double.

An example of a cooking product that is an UNSATURATED FATTY ACID is_____.


Phospholipids can be found in

Cell Membranes.

The____ is equal to the amount of protons in each atom of an element.

atomic number

List two functions of proteins.



Why is Carbon the main component of organic molecules?

Because it is half full valence shell, it is flexable it can bond w/ many molecules.

You conducted an experiment to determine whether a person's gender was related to the number of shoes in they owned. To do this, you surveyed 50 people on campus, men and women, and asked them how many pairs of shoes they owned.

What is the independent variable?


What is the dependent variable?

The number of SHOES owned.

Due to their high demand for energy, skeletal muscle cells will have a large number of _____.


The surface- to- area volume ratio _____ as a cell grows larger.


Bacteria cells have small accessory circular pieces of DNA , otherwise known as:


The glycocalyx in some bacterial cells is located _____.

Outside the bacterial cell wall

Which of the following is not part of the endomembrane system?


The formula for photosynthesis is:

Solar energy + carbon dioxide + water -----> carbohydrate + oxygen

"All cells come from only preexisting cells". This statement is part of the______.

Cell Theory

Which of the following structures is present in both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells?


Which of the following is found in plant cells, but not in animal cells?

Cell Wall

The endosymbotic theory explains____.

The origin and evolution of a eukaryotic cell

Which of the following is NOT part of the cytoskeleton?


An autotroph is an organism that ____.

Produces their own food

The stroma on a plant is located ____.

in a chloroplast

What enviroments are CAM plants best adapted to?

Extreme Aridity

The Calvin Cycle results in the production of ____.


In order for the Calvin Cycle to occur, it needs NADPH and ATP that came from____.

The light dependent reactions

Chlorophyll a is a green pigment because it absorb______.

Red and blue light and reflects green

Why is mesophyll tissue important in photosynthesis?

This is where chloroplasts are located

What type of light is used for photosynthesis?

White/ visible light

In photosynthesis, where do the light reactions take place?

The Thylakoid Membrane

In photosynthesis, where does the initial electron come from, in the electron transport chain?


During the Calvin Cycle, what is the end metabolite product of Carbon Reduction?


Which of the following molecules are involved in carbon fixation, in C3 plants?

RuBP, Carbon Dioxide

What are the three main parts of the Calvin Cycle?

Carbon Fixation, Carbon Reduction, RuBP Regeneration.

Which of the following citric acid cycle byproducts is disposed of by our respiratory system when we exhale?

Carbon Dixoide

Where does the Citric Acid Cycle occur in a cell?

Mitochondrial Matrix

Fermentation is an anaerobic reaction. This means that_____.

IT happens when oxygen is NOT available.

Where does Glycolysis occur?


The end metabolite product in Glycolysis is _____.


Which of the following organisms would make alcohol and carbon dioxide during fermentation?


Where does Deamination occur in the body?

the liver

What is Catabolism?

Degradative reaction

Where are the majority of ATP's produced during cellular respiration?

Electron Transport Chain

What is the end metabolite product of the Prep Reaction

Acetyl Co-A

During the Citric Acid Cycle, what products are produced?


Using a hydrogen ion gradient to produce ATP is otherwise known as_____.


What are the different phases of Interphase, in order?

g1, S, g2

Prokaryotes primarily reproduce____,

By Binary Fission

DNA relplicates during the _____stage of interphase.


Programmed cell death is also known as____.


Which of the following is NOT a characterisic of a cancer cell?

Cancer cells preform apoptosis

Chromosomes that are shaped like an X, and consist of an original and a copied chromosome that are attached, are otherwise known as____.

Sister Chromatids

Therapeutic cloning uses stem cells to make___.

A specific organ or tissue

Which of the following is the correct sequence of phases in mitosis?

Prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase

During which stage of mitosis does the nuclear membrane disappear?


What is the function of a tumor supressor gene?

inhibit cell cycle

What happens during cytokinesis?

Cytoplasm is divided into new cells

Which of the following is an example of a gamete?

Sperm, Egg

What are the main functions of mitosis

Growth and repair

A cell plate can be found during _____ in _____ cells

Cytokinesis, Plant

The organization of the Thylakoid Membrane us as follows:

______, ETC, PS I, NADP reductase,______.



In the first step of the Citric Acid Cycle , oxloacetate is combined with_____ to form____.

*Acetyl Co-A

*Citric Acid

How many times does the Citric Acid Cycle turn, per Glucose molecule?

once per pyruvate = TWICE in all

The prep reaction starts with ____.


In humans, fermentation makes ___ which gets sent to the liver and turned back into pyruvate.

lactic acid

What is the main purpose of cellular respiration?

To break down molecules for energy to make ATP

Why is G3P important?

Building block for many molecules

What is the difference between benign and malignant tumors?

benign are not cancerous while malignant are cancerous.

Why is oxygen important in cellular respiration?

Oxygen is the electron chain acceptor, if it is not present you cannot celluar respirate.

At fertlization, a sperm and an egg fuse. The result is a ____.


When homologous chromosomes come together and line up side- by- side it is called___.


The end product of spermatogensis is/ are___.

four gentically uniuqe sperm

Which of the following form polar bodies?


Down Syndrome is the most common type of____.


The haploid stage in the life cycle of a PLANT us called_____.


crossing over occurs during which phase of meiosis?


The production of eggs is also referred to as ___.


What is the result of nondisjunction?

Changes in chromosome number

When do homologous chromosomes seperate and move towards opposite poles?

Anaphase, Meiosis I

True or False: Mitosis results in 4 haploid daugther cells, whereas Meiosis results in 2 identical daughter cells.


Which of the following human life cycle stages are haploid?

Sperm and Egg

What makes a person male?

the presence of a Y chromosome

The ___ of an organism refers to the individual's actual appearance


If an individual has an autosomal recessive disorder, which of the following would be their genotype?


A red flower and a white flower produce a pink flower offspring. What is this type of inheritance called?

incomplete dominance

A one- trait test cross used to reveal the genotype of an individual displaying a ____ phenotype.


Which of the following is an example of an autosomal chromosome?


True or False: A parent's genotype is AA for an autosomal dominant disorder. All of his children will have the disorder.


A trait where there are more than two alleles, but each individual only inherits two considered a / an:

multiple allele inhertiance

What is the probablitiy that a couple who are both heterozygous for Cystic Fibrosis ( autosomal recessive) will have a child who is affected?


Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a polygentic inhertiance trait?

a. it follows a bell-shaped curve

b. it is most influenced by the enviroment

c.most individuals will have extreme phenotypes

d.few individuals will have extreme phenotypes


A true breeding plant would be a plant that is ____.

Homozygous dominant

Which of the following is not found in a nucleotide?

Amino acid

Following the rules of complemntary base pairing, thymine would pair with which of the following?


The leading strand of DNA is synthesized____..

As one continuous strand

This enzyme us responsible for "unzipping" or seperating dna strands.


DNA replication is said to be semiconservative. This means that____.

Each new strand consist of 2 brand new strands

The function of mRNA is :

to copy a mesage from DNA

Where is an anticodon found?

on tRNA

Introns are segments of DNA that___.

are between the coding sequence and are removed during gene expression

in which step of Translation is a polypeptide built , one amino acid at a time?


In which direction is DNA built?

5' to 3'

how is mRNA formed?

Complementary base pairing with a DNA molecule

A ____ mutation results when one or more nucleotis are inserted or deleted.


If a mutation occurs on a proto- oncogene ora tumor supressor gene, what will happen?

this will cause cancer

If a mutation occurs during DNA replication, because of a nucleotide mispairing this would be considered a:

spontaneous mutation

Which type of RNA has a cap, tail and only exons

mature mRNA

Which one of the following is NOT a ribosomal building site?

C- Codon

The signifiance of genetic variation is___.

evolution / adaption

Who was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering the structure of DNA

Watson, Crick

Which is not a major component of the cell membrane?


Which of the following affects the fludity of the plasma membrane?


Osmosis is the movement of ____ across a selectively permeable membrane


which of the following types of endocytosis involves vesicle formation and the use of a coated pit?

Receptor- mediated endocytosis

What is the function of the bacteria body in a bacteria cell?

store nutrients