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What is the issue with Spotted Owls?
There is a huge debate over the logging industry and the deforestation of the Spotted Owl's natural habitat.
Choose: Jobs or Owls
How many species of whales are there and what are the two types?
name the six ways species become endangered.
~Habitat Loss
~Unregulated/illegal hunting, killing, or collection.
~Pesticides and Pollution
~Competition with other species
Why are nearly all whale species endangered?
Where, and what in does the Spotted Owl live?
~Old Growth Forests of Pacific NW
~200 year old trees
A new born whale can...
weigh up to 2 tons
what is an Endangered Species?
Any species which is in danger of extincition throughout all or a significant portion of its range, other than insects which have been named as pests.
What is the main killer of manatees?
Propeller slahes and cuts
What is a Threatened Species?
Any species that is likely to become endangered.
The blubber on a whale...
may be 20" thick
What is pollution, and what are the three major mediums?
a change that alters the environment in undesireable ways
A blue whale may...
grow up to 100 ft, and weigh as much as several elephants
What is an Exotic Species?
a species that humans intentionally or unintentionally introduced into an area outside of a species natural range.
What is the value of a rhino horn in some countries?
~Believed to be magic in China
~Hand grips for daggers in Yemen
~Aphrodisiac in India
What is the best way to control acid rain?
Install "scrubbers" into smoke stacks.
a Humpback whale may...
eat a ton of food a day
Who was "Igor"?
California Condor, the last condor in the wild
name four sources of acid rain
~Industrial Factories
~Coal-fired power plants
~Car emissions
~Natural sources
Forest fires
What are the four layers of the Atmosphere in order starting closest to the earth?
what are four things in our bodies that excrete wastes?
List the three main points of the endangered species act.
1. Illegal to import endangered species or trade them in the United States
2. Illegal to collect, hunt, trap, or fish in the US
3. List o endangered species mantained by USFWS, and USNMS
What are six effects of acid rain?
~kills fish and invertebrates
~affects soil and soil organisms
~Alters mineral cycles
~Damages crops
~Stunts forests
~Affects bulidings
Where does methane come from?
name the three types of sewage treatment
~Tertiary-advanced physical and chemical
What is the difference between weather and climate?
Weather includes the day to day physical conditions of the earth, and climate is the long term weather patterns of a specific area.
Where is the majority of the world's fresh water located?
Polar glaciers/ice
Name the five top species that have been recovered becasue of protection.
~Bald Eagle
~Grizzly Bear
~Red-Corkhead Woodpecker
~Peregrine Falcon
~Gray Wolf
Name the qualities of Eutrophic and Oligotrophic.
~High nutrients
~High levels of algae
~Means "well-fed"
~Trash fish "carp"
~low nutrients
~"oligo" mean few
~Crater Lake
Where are exotic species becomeing a major problem?
Name the four major problem species.
The Great Lakes
~Zebra Mussels
~Sea Lamprey
~Round Goby
~Purple Loosestrife
What are the five major sources of anthropogenic pollutnat?
~Power plants
~Agricultural Fires
What is the Snail Darter, and what was the deal with it?
A small fish that caused a huge debate over a dam that was to be built.
what are four ways to get more freshwater?
~Cloud seeding (forcing clouds to rain)
~Towing icebergs
~Selling Water
The greehouse gasses are in what layer of the atmosphere?
Do you know what a anthropogenic pollutant is?
It is pollution by humans
What is a pest?
Species unwanted by humans
What are the properties of water?
~High boiling piont
~Great solvent
~High specific heat (slow to heat up, slow to cool off)
~Max density at 4 degrees celc.
~Polar molecule
Do the ozone layer and Global warming relate to eachother?
What is the pH scale?
Scale of acidity
0=pure acid
14=pure base
Is the greehouse effect good or bad?
GOOD! It keeps the earth warm so life can be present.
what is Bological Oxygen Demand? (BOD)
Oxygen needed to break down material
High BOD=bad
low BOD=good
Why are exotic species bad?
(4 reasons)
~disrupt complex ecosystems and degraged habitats
~reduce biodiversity, and endanger native plants and animals
~hybridize with native species altering genetic diversity
~transmit exotic diseases to which the native species cannot defend itself.
What are the six categories of water pollutants?
~Inorganic waste
~Organic chemicals
~Plant Nutrients
~Oxygen demanding heat
According to the Toledo Blade 2002 was the...
2nd hottest year
What is the hydrological cycle?
how water moves around in the bioshere.
What causes global warming?
~CO2 concentrations in Troposhere have increased
~WW temps have increased and are continuing to do so.
~Ice coring indicates increase in CO2 is human induced
The world's water supply is:
97.6% ocean
.0003% atmosphere
2.4% fresh water
What used to be released that helped to depleate the ozone layer?
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's)
why worry about the ozone layer?
~increase in skin cancer
~Immune system suppression
How do you save an endangered species?
~Captive breeding
~seed collection and preservation
~Field conservation and research.
What is acid rain?
Rain with a pH less than 5.6, can be wet or dry deposition