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What does energy in equal?
Energy out.
What is the 1st law of thermodynamics?
Energy in equals energy out.
What are some types of energies cells transduce?
chemical, light, mechanical,kinetic, electric, heat
What is the thermodynamics second law?
Cell tendenancy is towards randomness.
What does entopy in an open system mean?
Entropy disorder is positive, so input of energy is needed to create order.
Favored spontaneous reactions will proceed at which rate?
Slow to fast.
Rates of forward reaction and reverse reaction are equal at what?
the ratio of products to reactants at equilibrium is
What is delta Gibbs Free Energy degree?
changes in degree at a pH of 7.
If Delta G degree is a negative number and a forward reaction is favored then,
products are greater then the reactants
if products < reactants energy is...
given off (exothermic) an delta G is negative.
positive G means what?
non-spontaneous. more energy and/or more ordered