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how can you recover and continue making glycogen from a false alarm?
activate the P form of glycogen synthase
where do you get ATP from during strenuous exercise?
AMP activates PFK
how do you get lactose, maltose, sucrose increase
First you MUST break it down to a monosac. To do this- lactase maltase su
what is the main problem in classic galactosemia?
UDP transferase so G1P builds up
how do you get from galactose to galacitol?
aldose reductase
What general classes of disease should always be considered in the differential diagnosis of
any sick infant less than one month of age?
metabolic disease
bacterial disease
why are infants usually jaundiced at birth
insufficient bilirubin glucuronyl transferase activity at birth
how do you treat jaundice?
UV light
What other diseases frequently cause liver dysfunction in newborns?
glycogen storage diseases
How do we screen for galactosemia in Wisconsin? How is the diagnosis confirmed?
Historically by measuring Galactose-1-P levels in the blood. Now by measuring
UDP transferase activity in leukocytes, and if low, sequencing the DNA.
what are the long term effects of galatosemia?
Neural (e.g. sensory, speech), fine motor, tremor, learning disabilities, mental
impairment, infertility.