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Protein mediated regulation can either __ or __ gene expression
Activate or Repress
Eukaryotic packaging is accomplished through what protein?
What two things may be encoded by a gene?
What does UTR stand for?
Utah's NPR station
What binds the Promoter?
RNA Polymerase
What is a protein-coding region of a gene called?
Transcribed Region
What specific ELEMENT does RNA Pol bind to?

(Hint: Not Ca, Hg, Y, Sn, etc.)
Core promoter element
Bact. RNA Pol exists in what four forms?
(aka complexes)
What three molecules does the Ternary Complex include?
Regulation of protein synthesis can occur at any of which three concerted steps?
The RNA Pol apoenzyme consists of how many pieces?
How does Ternary complex become Elongation complex?
σ is released
What does it regulate?"
What does σ32 regulate?
"Heat shock" genes
What is the purpose of the σ cycle?
Allows Pol to switch σ's
Besides housekeeping and heatshock, what else is commonly transcribed?

(Think about survival on the Serengheti)
What three mechanisms regulate σ?
Rates of synth., degrad.
What 3 genes are on Lac Operon?
Y, Z & A
What lactose metabolite has a regulatory effect?
Allolactose is an inducer
Describe the structure of the inactive Lac Operon
Loop, which acts as an RNA-Pol block
The Lac Operon represents what type of regulation?
Catabolite Repression
Only way to get Lac Operon to work...

(Hint: Presence/absence of certain sugars and the states of operators...)
Glu -, Lac +