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Hereditary factors

Genes, they didn’t know that at the time

Chromosome theory of inheritance

Mendelian genes have specific Loci on chromosomes, Chromosomes undergo segregation and independent assortment

Morgans experiments

F1 generation had already eyes, F2 generation showed 3:1 red: white ratio, but only males had white eyes, Morgan determined that the white eye allele must be located on the X chromosome

A gene located on either sex chromosome is called

a sex linked gene

Can humans a sex linked to gene is generally referring to

A gene the larger X chromosome

In order for a recessive sex linked trait to be expressed

A female needs two copies of the allele, a male needs only one copy of the allele

Genes located on the same chromosome that tend to be inherited together are called

Linked genes

Recombinant types

Offspring with non-parental phenotypes

Cytogenic maps

Indicate the positions of genes with respect to chromosome or features


Can occur during meiosis one, pairs of homologous chromosomes do not separate normally during anaphase I


Results from the fertilization of gametes in which nondisjunction has occurred, the cell is either monosomic, having only one copy of a particular chromosome, or trisomic, having three copies of a particular chromosome


A condition in which an organism has more than two complete sets of chromosomes, try purity, three sets of chromosomes, touch of clarity, four sets of chromosomes

Extranuclear genes

Or cytoplasm genes, are genes found an organelle‘s on the cytoplasm, mitochondria and chloroplasts