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"NORMAL" cell the amount of water transported into the cell is the equal amount that is transported out


The solution has a higher solute concentration than the cell so water moves out of the cell and into the solution causing the cell to plasmolyze


the solution has a lower solute concentration than the cell so water moves into the cell causing plant cells to swell and animal cells to swell and burst


With Oxygen


Without OXYGEN

What is fermentation called in plants?

Ethnyol fermentation

What is the fermentation in animals called?

latic acid fermentation

Steps of Mitosis in order?

PMAT(Inter phase is starting and cyto end)

r e n e

o t a l

p a p o

h p h p

a h a h

s a s a

e s e s

e e

Each stage of cell differation?

Zygote------ Blastocyst------- Gasytro

Where does differeation begin?


The 3 germ layers?

ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm

Endoderm examples?

lung, thyroid, pancreatic

Mesoderm examples?

cardiac, RBC, Smooth gut, skeletal,

Ectoderm examples?

Neuron, pigment, epidermis

What is a tumor and how would you know?

contact inhibition, strange shape of cells

How can you get cancer?

Radiation, Chemicals, genetics, viruses, UV light,


Clevage of cell into two halves

Cytokinesis in fungi and prostists?

mitosis occurs within the nucleous

Chromosome replication

2 identical chromatids joined by a centromere


a cell processing two copies of each chromosome (human body cells)


chromosomes are made up of sister chromatids joined at the centromere


a cell possessing a single copy of each chromosome (Human sex cells)

What is a chromosome?

long continueous thread of DNA

Why do chromosomes condese at the start of mitosis?

to carry out its nessaccary functions

How does interphase prepare a cell to divide?

duplication of organelles

Why does a skin cell divide faster more than a liver cell?

because it is damaged more often

What process divides a cells cytoplasm?

cytokinesis (CYTO- PLASM)

What process divides the cell and its nucleous?


Cell cycles 4 main stages?

Gap, Syntheis, Mitosis, Gap 2

two processes that make up the M stage in the cell cycle?

Cytokinesis and mitosis

What uncontrolled cell cycle causes cancer?


Physical differences of cancer cells to normal cells?

had sticky parts

What is a Benign tumor?

cells do not migrate to other areas of the body

What is a malignant tumor?

cells that migrate to other parts of the body and harm and kill

what is metastasis?

when a tumor or cancer cell spreads throughout the body

How do doctors determine is a tumor is cancerous?


Methods of how to treat tumors?

SLASH-----BURN-----POISEN (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation)