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What are the two types of nervous systems?
Peripheral and Central
Under the peripheral nervous system, what are the two headings?
Automatic and somatic.
What does somatic mean? which side of the nervous system is it?
Voluntary movement, peripheral
What are the two reactions under automatic nervous systems? what does each do?
Sympathetic (fight or flight, used in emergencies, dilated eyes+increased blood flow+increased heart contractions, etc) and parasympathetic (returning to homeostasis, constricting pupils+decreased heart contractions and blood flow)
Which two organs make up the Central nervous system?
Brain and spinal cord
Which area of the peripheral nervous system controls reflex arcs?
The somatic side which is decided between motor and sensory, creating the arc.
what is a nueron?
A functional unit of the nervous system. It is a single nerve cell.
What are the three types of neurons?
Motor, sensory, inter
What do sensory neurons do?
Brings messages from environment to the spinal cord.
What do motor neurons do?
Take messages to the effectors (from spinal cord to body)
what do inter neurons do?
Connect motor neurons and sensory neurons in the spinal cord
What are nerves? what are the three kind?
Nerves are a bundle of neurons. 1) motor ( carry motor neurons) 2) sensory (carry sensory neurons) 3) mixed nerves ( carry both motor and sensory neurons)
What is automatic broken into?
Sympathetic and parasympathetic
Where does the reflex arc occur?
Between the neurons of the somatic side of the peripheral nervous system.
What is the difference between sympathetic and parasympathetic??
Sympathetic is fight or flight (used in emergencies) eg: dilated pupils, increased blood flow etc. Parasympathetic is returning to homeostasis (constriction of pupils, decrease heart rate etc)
What makes up the central nervous system (CNS)?
Brain and spinal cord
What is a neuron?
A single nerve cell. It is the functional unit of the nervous system.
What are the 3 types of neurons?
Motor (takes messages to effectors), Sensory (brings message to spinal cord, and inter neuron (connects motor and sensory)
What are nerves?
A bundle of neurons.