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Research on E. coli indicates that
glucose is the preferred energy source.
In the _______ of lactose, the lac _______ binds to the lac _______
absence; repressor; operator
In E. coli, when the concentration of glucose is high, the concentration of _______ is
The CRP–cAMP complex binds _______ of the lac operon.
close to the RNA polymerase binding site
Around _______ base pairs of DNA contact each core particle in a _______.
146; nucleosome
A pattern of acetylation of lysines on the amino terminal tails of histones in a region of
a chromosome
can be inherited by daughter cells; can be reversible; allows for regulation of gene expression; is an example of an epigenetic phenomenon.
A DNA sequence, which can be up to 100,000 base pairs distant from the gene,
stimulates transcription when bound by a protein. This sequence is called a(n)
Gene expression can be regulated
before transcription; after transcription and before translation; during translation; after translation.
Alternative splicing of pre-mRNA in human genes
is common - the majority of genes undergo alternative splicing; allows certain tissues to make specific isoforms of a protein from a single gene; allows for some exons to be completely skipped in one alternative isoform and
included in another
A stem cell generated from an adult human cell is called a(n) ___________ and
requires inducing the expression of 4 specific ____________.
induced pluripotent stem cell; transcription factors
can have base-pairing interactions with their target's 3' UTR
Ubiquitination is a process that leads to
anges in protein stability