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What is gloeocapsa and what domain does it belong?
It is a type of cyanobacteria. Domain bacteria
what are the three types of cyanobacteria we looked at?
Gloeocapsa, Nostoc, Oscillatoria
all photosynthetic.
What is Nostoc and what domain does it belong?
It is a type of Cyanobateria belongs to domain bacteria. Large round structure is a heterocysts helps in nitrogen fixiation.
What is Oscillatoria and what domain does it belong?
it is a type of cyanobateria and it belongs to domain bateria
What does the baterial structure bacilli look like?
Two types of halophiles (salt loving) are?
Halobacteria(Salinarium) and halococcus(agglomeratus)
type of methanomonas?
Bacteria that synthesize methane, requiring completely anaerobic conditions for growth
What type of bacterial form am I?
What is spirilla?
It is a bacterial form.
Ex. Spirillium volutans
What is streptococcus
It is coccus in a chain
What is streptobacillus and how does it differ from sterptococcus?
It is a bacterial form and it is not round it is more blocky.
Cell wall in bacteria is made of...
peptidoglycan, large polymers of modified sugars cross linked with peptides