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1st Amendment
Freedom of religion, assembly, press, petition, & speech (R.A.P.P.S.)
2nd Amendment
Right to keep and bear arms
3rd Amendment
No quartering of troops
4th Amendment
No unreasonable searches and seizures
5th Amendment (5)
1.Grand jury review, 2.protection against self-incrimination (I plea the 5th)
3. Protection against double jeopardy (can’t be tried twice for the same crime)
4. Eminent domain
5. Due process of law
6th Amendment (4)
1. speedy & public trial
2. call witnesses on own behalf
3. counsel
4. be informed of charges against you
7th Amendment
Civil trial by jury; sue for damages in civil court
8th Amendment
No cruel and unusual punishment
9th Amendment
Protection of other rights not stated
10th Amendment
Rights reserved to the states