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What is the Great Awakening?
A religious movement that swept throught the colonies
When was the Great Awakening?
in the 1730's and 1740's
What did church members do?
they split from their old churches and created new ones
In the time of the American Revolution, many american colnists were willing to...?
Challenge the political authority of british officers
What is the philosophy of government in the Decleration of Independence?
that people have god-given rights and these rights are protected by forming better have gotten that one :)
governments can exist only if they have the...?
"consent of the governed"
What is civic republicanism?
voters can participate in electing representatives who govern them
How did the American Revolution affect other countries?
it laid the ground work for a revolution in France in 1789
like americans the french fought for...?
liberty and equality
The french felt if the americans can beat the strongest nation in the world...?
they could rise up as common men against their kings