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List/Recite the Hebrew alef-bet in order.
alef, bet/vet, gimel, dalet, he, waw, zayin, chet, tet, yod, kaf, lamed, mem, nun, samek, ayin, pe, tsade, qof, resh, sin/shin, tof
There are how many vowel (point) classes in BH?
Five: A, E & I, O & U
Name the short vowels
[A class] patah,
[E class] segol,
[I class] chireq,
[O class] qamets-hatuf,
[U class] qibbuts
List the beget-kefet letters
bet, gimel, dalet, kaf, pe, tof
Name the long vowels
[A class] qamets,
[E class] tsere-yod, tsere,
[I class] chireq-yod, chireq,
[O class] cholem-waw, cholem,
[U class] shureq, qibbuts