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rules for battle that are put upon Joshua that requires him to destroy the whole cannanite nation and treat them like they are a disease- wipe out cannanites and takeover land for israelites


when someone violates the laws of Herem- a message from God to help understand what God is trying to tell you-making a chance decision by using lots (straws or pebbles etc.) that are thrown or drawn. They kill the man and his entire family for violating the laws.

Casting lots

password used by Jeptha’s groups because other enemy groups were not able to pronounce the word


Famous nazirite was Samson. He had super strength tied up with his hair that was never cut. one who voluntarily took a vow described in Numbers 6:1–21. This vow required the man or the women to abstain from wine, refrain from cutting hair on one’s head, and not to become impure by corpses or graves. You have to live outside of society with many restrictions to devote yourself to God.


Religious Poems- an Old Testament book consisting of a collection of 150 Psalms written by King David


an Old Testament book consisting of proverbs from various Israeli sages written by King Solomon ( he also wrote song of songs and ecclesiastes)


Seafaring people who are great warriors. They are enemies of Israel. However, they fight fair with respect and honor. a member of an Aegean people who settled ancient Philistia around the 12th century BC


Storm God of Canaanites represented by a bull. any of numerous local fertility and nature deities worshipped by ancient Semitic peoples; the Hebrews considered Baal a false god


Literally means the anointed/chosen one.The awaited king of the Jews; the promised and expected deliverer of the Jewish people


fought against Saul. The arch enemy of Israel. Opposite of Philistine. They are sneaky, tricky, and back stabbers. They are cursed by God through Moses and they are the epitome of evil. Snuck around back to attack the women, old men, and children.


the generations that follow David. Ten generations of kings. God makes an unconditional covenant with David to carry on his line.

Davidic Dynasty

a book of the Old Testament that tells the history of Israel under the leaders known as judges; leaders of the people between times of Joshua and the Kings


(Old Testament) Moses' successor who led the Israelites into the Promised Land; best remembered for his destruction of Jericho. The leader that follows Moses. The supreme commander of the Israelites.


other spy with Joshua in the desert who gave the good report; now old spy, he and Phineas scout out Jericho


A priest and grandson of Aaron.The other spy who goes and scouts out Jericho.


Prostitute for a living who helps Caleb and Phineas, who is allowed to live in Jericho because she helped them


(Old Testament) a judge of Israel who performed herculean feats of strength against the Philistines until he was betrayed to them by his mistress Delilah. Strong man with long hair.


(Old Testament) the Philistine mistress of Samson who betrayed him by cutting off his hair and so deprived him of his strength


sacrifices daughter because she was the first thing that came out of the house . Made a rash promise to sacrifice if he won that battle.


(Old Testament) Hebrew prophet and judge who anointed Saul as king. The last of the judges.He anoints the kings. First of the prophets


(Old Testament) the first king of the Israelites who defended Israel against many enemies (especially the Philistines) When he doesn’t destroy amalekites, he is unworthy to continue.


Son of Saul. Doesn’t get to be king but is besties with David.


(Old Testament) the 2nd king of the Israelites; as a young shepherd he fought Goliath (a giant Philistine warrior) and killed him by hitting him in the head with a stone flung from a sling; he united Israel with Jerusalem as its capital


a prophet during the reigns of David and Solomon. He is an advisor and court prophet to David.Assured Solomon was the successor.


the woman who David commits adultery with, married to Uriah. The mother of king Solomon.


Son of David and Bathsheba who is David’s successor. Third king of Israel. Known for his great wisdom.


An african monarch known for her wisdom who travels to Jerusalem to meet Solomon- they test each other’s wisdom. Their relationship continues even when she leaves.

Queen of Sheba