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List three questions you would ask a customer to understand their networking needs

What do you do on your computer?

What applications do you use?

What types of games do you play?

How many wireless devices do you have on your network?

A customer's purchasing decision is based off of what two main factors?

Value and trust

Why is it important to understand our customers?

To create customer loyalty to determine needs wants and trust

List three non product related questions to help understand a customer

Do you travel?

What types of video games you play?

What hobbies do you enjoy?

List two reasons a CRW benefits you and two that benefits a customer


Recommendation, credibility, business card


builds trust & reference

List two reasons CoreBlue benefit you and two that benefits a customer


Product features & product availability.


Account look up & Best Buy reward points

Why is summarizing an important part of the understand step?

To develop trust and reduce return rate

What are three resources on how you can learn about a product?

Best Buy website, vendor expert, CoreBlue, & YouTube

What can you do if a customer already knows what they want?

Ask questions for a complete solution and perform a live demo

What do you do during the understand step?

Build rapport, ask questions and utilize sales tools

Which part of the Customer Promise does asking questions help fulfill?

Knowledgeable, impartial advice