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FADEC consists of what three components?

-Hydromechanical Unit

-Electronic Control Unit

The HMU consists of what four components?

-Fuel pump

-Fuel metering assembly

-Stepper motor

-Hydromechanical actuator (switches between auto and manual modes)

ECU continuously monitors what two parameters to control the HMU?


-collective potentiometer

-Auto/Manual mode switch

-Permanent Magnet Alternator 28VDC

-Throttle potentiometer


-Ambient pressure sensor

-NR sensor

-NG sensor

-NP sensor

-Compressor temperature sensor

-Oil pressure transducer

-Thermocouple probes (4)

Three FADEC system checks



-Proper range of the sensors

The HMU is only electrically linked to the throttle via the ECU (T/F)

False. There is a mechanical linkage directly to the HMU.

Automatic Start procedure

-FADEC switch AUTO

-Throttle IDLE

-Start switch activated w/in 60s

-Start switch pressed >1s

-Fuel introduced 10% NG OAT<80F or 12% NG OAT>80F

-FADEC automatically accelerates to IDLE

-NG 50% Start relay disengages

-ECU self-test igniters active until 60% (AUTO-Relight extinguishes)

-IDLE= 63+-1%

During what three conditions does FADEC automatically cut fuel to prevent a hot start?

Below 50% NG:

MGT >885C <10k ft AND MGT <82.2C at start initiation (5% Ng)

(912C >10k ft and/or MGT >82.2C at start initiation (5% Ng))

Voltage at ECU drops below 10.3 VDC during the start

During an aborted start (either manually or automatically) what does the FADEC do?

-keeps starter engaged up to 60s to drop MGT to 150C

Why should you not use the starter switch to abort a start sequence?

STARTER DISENGAGE only de-energizes the starter and ignitor circuits.

Done after light-off below 50%NG:

-ECU will modulate fuel flow OR

-ECU will cutoff fuel flow after MGT exceeds hot start limit

What are the 8 different FADEC messages you can receive?












If the FADEC fault is minor, when is it displayed?

Only on shutdown as FADEC DEGRADED

What needs to be accomplished after any FADEC-related light?

Maintenance action required

What should you do if you see FADEC DEGRADED in flight?

You may have NR droop,NR lag, or reduced power. RESTART FAULT may also be displayed.

Fly smoothly and non-aggressively

Continue flight (maintenance action required prior to next flight)

What should you do if FADEC FAULT is displayed?

PMA, MGT, NP, or NG fault detected. (RESTART FAULT may be lit)

"Refer to flight manual"

What should you do after "RESTART FAULT" illuminates

No immediate action required.

Do not plan on another restart unless maintenance action is performed

What happens if you get a FADEC FAIL light?

-A horn beeps

-FADEC goes to MANUAL mode

-increase or decrease of NG/NP may occur within 2-7 seconds

-Match throttle bezel to indicated NG speed to minimize change

NG/NP overspeed protection is available under what circumstances?

-Both auto and manual modes

-NG overspeed protection may not be available during FADEC FAIL