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What is a functional assessment?

What are the functional assessment methods?

What is the abbreviation for a functional assessment?


Functional Behavioral Assessment

What is the abbreviation for a functional analysis?


Experimental analysis

What is the abbreviation for a Direct Descriptive Functional assessment ?

descriptive assessment

What are assessments are within an FBA?

What are preliminary indirect assessments?

What are descriptive assessments?

What is a structured assessment?

What is a functional analysis?

What are the reasons for a descriptive assessment?

What are descriptive assessments procedures?

What is a scatterplot?

How do you use or create a scatterplot?

How do you interpret scatterplot data?

What is Narrative Recording?

What is the purpose for collecting Narrative Recording and ABC charting?

What is ABC data collection?

What is data collection across conditions?

How can you predict behavior?

True or false

False it maybe preselected but not manipulated

What is pattern analysis?

What is sequence analysis?

Describe Descriptive Assessment Validity...

Describe Functional Analysis Validity...

Internal validity