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Three states of being?
Wake, REM sleep and NREM sleep
sleep History?
BEARS: Bedtime, Escessive daytime sleeping, Awakenings, Regularity, Snoring
Sleep onset association disorders?
Child needs a certain environment to sleep
Limited setting sleep disorder?
Most common in 2-6 y/o, prolonged sleep latency
Adjustment sleep disorder?
After stressful event, may be anxiety disorder
Circadian rhythm disorder
from suprachiasmotic nucleui, sleep phase delay or advanced sleep phase, can manipulate with light
Transient insomnia?
<2 weeks
Intermittant insomnia?
Repetitive episodes of traansient insomnia
Chronic insomnia?
at least 6 months
Etiology of insomnia?
Medical, Psychiatric(affective disorder, anxiety, schizo, personality, somatiform), drugs(tobacco, alcohol), primary sleep disorder, circadian
Primary sleep disorder?
Psychophysiologic insomnia (traumatic experience and sleeps better away from home), sleep state misperception, inadequate sleep hygiene, circadian rhythm, restless leg symdrome
Estrogen effects on REM?
Estrogen increases REM sleep
Progesterone effects on REM?
Benzo-like effect, sedating
Sleep and menstration?
More sleep complaints in late luteal phase
PMS and sleep
daytime sleepiness, sleep onset, maintains insomnia
Percentage of elderly who have insomnia?
Gender insomnia in elderly?
Risk factos for insomia with elderly?
Depression, respiratory symptoms, disability, fair to poor health, Widowed
Benzos for insomnia?
Hypnotics, cognative dysfunction and tolerance