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What health problem did Mr. Beethoven have?
He was deaf.
What kind of job did CHristoph's father have?
He was a doctor.
Did Beethoven write his Ninth Symphony before or after he lost his hearing?
What did Christoph's father design that Christoph gave to Mr. Beethoven?
A hearing aid
What instruments did Beethoven's father teach him to play?
The piano and the violin
What did Mr. Beethoven give to Christoph?
Concert tickets
What piece of music was Mr. Beethoven writing when he was living with Christoph?
His Ninth Symphony
Why did Mr. Beethoven come to live with Christoph and his family?
Christoph's father died, leaving them poor and in need of the money that renting the room would bring in.
Can you explain Mr. Beethoven's type of deafness?
He heard "white noise".
What did Mr. Beethoven's deafness do to his personality?
It made him moody and irritable.
Where was Beethoven born?
Bonn, Germany
In what city does the movie take place?
What was the name of the young boy that Mr. Beethoven came to live with?