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What are the five components of Information Technology?
1. Hardware
2. Software
3. Data
4. Network
5. People
What is a Business Information System?
A computer system that can accurately record and summarize business transactions.
What are the five categories of Business Information Systems?
1. Transaction processing systems
2. Knowledge systems
3. Management Information Systems
4. Decision Support Systems
5. Executive Information Systems
What are the three primary roles of Business Information Systems?
1. Process detailed data
2. Assist in making daily decisions
3. Assist in developing business strategies
Define hardware.
The actual physical computer or computer peripheral device.
Define software.
The systems and programs that process data and turn that data into information.
Define network.
Made up of the communication media that allows multiple computers to share data and information simultaneously.
Define people.
The various job titles and job descriptions associated with BIS.
Define data.
Data is raw facts.
Define production data.
Production data is live/real data.
Define test data.
Staging/fake data for testing purposes.
Define information.
Information is organized and processed data that is meaningful to somebody.
What are the five functions performed on data?
1. collect
2. process
3. store
4. transform
5. distribute
What is an Accounting Information System (AIS)?
A type of MIS - also partly a TPS and partly a KS.
What are the objectives of an AIS?
1. record valid transactions
2. properly classify those transactions
3. record transactions at proper values
4. record transactions in proper accounting period
5. properly present transactions and related info in the financial statements.
What are Transaction Processing System (TPS)?
The systems that process and record the routine daily transactions necessary to conduct the business.
What are Decision Support Systems (DSS)?
A computer based information system that provides interactive support for managers during the decision making process. Sometimes called expert systems.
What are Management Information Systems (MIS)?
Provides managerial and other end users with reports/information.
What are Executive Information Systems (EIS)?
Provide senior executives with immediate and easy access to internal and external information to assist the exectuvies in monitoring business conditions in general. Assist in strategic (long-term), not daily, decision making.
What are the five types of reports?
1. Periodic Scheduled Reports
2. Exception Reports
3. Demand Reports (pull reports)
4. Ad Hoc Reports
5. Push Reports
What are Periodic Scheduled Reports?
Traditional reports that display information in a predefined format and are made available on a regular basis to end users of the system.
What are Exception Reports?
Produced when a specific condition or exceptions occurs - "Red Flag Reports"
What are Demand Reports?
Information from MIS available on demand - "Pull Reports"
What are Ad Hoc Reports?
A report that does not currently exist but that can be created on demand, without having to get a SW developer or programmer involved.
What is a Query?
A specific question made up of various criteria that the end user can pose to the MIS and extract all transactions or other info that meet those criteria.
What are Push Reports?
Sent to a computer screen or desktop.