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What generation used Vacuum Tubes?
First Generation
What generation used transistors?
Second Generation
What generation used Integrated circuits?
Third generation
What is a small chip containing thousands of transistors?
A Intergrated circuit
Who invented the integrated circuit?
Jack Kilby
Who devised away to use layered circuits?
Robert Noyce
who created Mark-1
Howard Aiken
Who was used Mark-1 and what did they use it for used for?
The Navy used it for ballistics calculations
what does ENIAC stand for?
Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator
Who developed ENIAC?
J. Presper Eckert, and John Mauchly
What was considered to be the first general purpose computer?
What does TRADIC stand for?
Transistor Digital Computer
Who developed TRADIC?
Developers in Bell labs
What was the first transistorized computer that replaced vacuum tubes with 800 transistors?
what does EDVAC stand for?
Electronic discrete variable Automatic Computer
Who created EDVAC?
Eckert, Mauchly, Von Neumann, and others
What was the first general purpose computer to use binary arithmetic and to use the stored concept?