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A-B-A Design
An experiment entailing one reversal
A-B-A-B Design
An experiment reintroducing the B condition enables the replication of treatment effects, which strengthens the demonstration of experimental control
Abative Effect
A decrease in the current frequency of behaviour that has been reinforced by the stimulus that is increased in reinforcing effectiveness by the same motivating operation
ABC recording
The preferred method to use for behavioural assessment to determine which behaviour to target for change is
Abolishing operation
A motivating operation that decreases the reinforcing effectiveness of a stimulus, object, or event.
The extent to which observed values, the data produced by measuring an event, match the true state, or true values, of the event as it exists in nature
Adjunctive Behavior
Behaviour that occurs as a collateral effect of a schedule of periodic reinforcement for other behaviour: time-filling or interim activities that are induced by schedules of reinforcement during times when reinforcement is unlikely to be derived-aka schedule-induced behaviour
Affirmation of the Consequent
The predictive power of steady state responding enables the behaviour analyst to employ a kind of inductive logic
Alternating Treatments Design
The rapid alternation of two or more distinct treatments while their effects on the target behaviour are measured
Alternative schedule
Provides positive reinforcement whenever the requirement of either a ratio schedule or interval schedule is met, regardless of which of the component schedule's requirement is met first.