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What does near-term planning define?
Near-term planning defines specific actions requires to execute the short-range plans. It is the final phase of planning prior to the execution of training.
What four skills does challenging training build?
Builds competence and confidence by developing new skills.
Instills loyalty and dedication.
Inspires excellence by fostering initiative, enthusiasm, and eagerness to learn.
Builds aggressive, well-trained soldiers.
What begins the training planning process?
What does the basic skills development phase ensure?
The basic skills development phase ensures that the new leader attains a minimum acceptable level of proficiency in the critical tasks necessary to perform his mission.
What are training aids?
Training aids are items that assist in the conduct of training and the process of learning.
In the military structure, what is the lowest level that has battle tasks?
Battalion level
What does the company commander do after he develops the METL?
He briefs the battalion commander
What do principles of training provide?
The principles provide direction, but are sufficiently flexible to accommodate local conditions and the judgment of commanders and other leaders
What does the advanced development and sustainment phase involve?
The advanced development and sustainment phase involves sustaining those tasks already mastered and developing proficiency in new tasks.
What is multi-echelon training?
Multiechelon trainingallows simultaneous training and evaluation on any combination of individual and collective tasks at more than one echelon. Multiechelon training is the most efficient and effective way to train and sustain proficiency on mission essential tasks within limited periods of training time.
At battalion level, how does long-range planning start?
At battalion level, long-range planning starts with unit assessment and is the basis for the long- range training calendar.
What unit is the lowest level to have a METL?
The company.
What is a low density MOS?
A MOS within an organization or unit that is required but applies to a very small amount of soldiers
What is long-range planning based on?
Long-range planning is based on unit assessment.
Give some examples of training aids.
Visual modification (VISMOD) sets; for example, BRDM-2 mock-up.
Graphic training aids (GTAs); for example-
GTA 10-2-2, Fuel System Supply Point
GTA 6-5-2, Fire Direction Kit
GTA 3-6-3, NBC Warning and Reporting System
Models; for example, inert munitions.
Displays; for example, 35-millimeter slides on training topics.
Books; for example, documentation on training aids.
Pictures to support briefings and presentations.
Magnetic media; for example, training films.
Why must the entire METL development process be understood by NCOs?
So that NCOs can integrate soldier tasks
What do leaders list in the leader book?
Leaders list in the leader book the common tasks found in the Soldier's Manual of Common Tasks that support the METL.
Are training meetings negotiable at battalion and company level?
No. Training meetings are non-negotiable at battalion and company level.
What is a crew drill?
A crew drill is a collective action that the crew of a weapon or piece of equipment must perform to use the weapon or equipment
A leader may use information in the leader book to provide what?
A leader may use information in the leader book to provide input on his unit during daily "huddles" and company training meetings.
What is risk assessment?
Risk assessment is the thought process of making operations safer without compromising the mission.
What is band of excellence?
The range of proficiency within which a unit is capable of executing its wartime METL tasks
Commanders select a particular training exercise or combination of exercises based on what?
Commander select a particular training exercise or combination of exercises based on specific training objectives and on available resources.
Do soldiers have a legal responsibility to attend scheduled training?
What are training devices?
Training devices are three-dimensional objects that improve training.
What needs to be identified at the appropriate level to support the accomplishment of the units mission essential tasks?
Leader and soldier tasks must be identified.
What are simulators?
Simulators are a special category of training devices that replicate all or most of a systems functions.
What is the most difficult task for an AAR leader?
To avoid turning the discussion into a criteria or lecture
When selecting exercises, commanders must consider what key questions?
Who will be trained (soldiers, leaders, teams, or units)?
What are the training objectives?
Which, if any, of the training exercises are most suitable to accomplish each objective?
What are the available resources (time, training areas, equipment, money)?
Which of the training exercises or combination will help meets the training objectives within the available training resources?
What does the battle staff consist of?
The battle staff consists of the battalion staff and battalion slice (CS and CSS elements that are tasked-organized).