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_____ 26th June
ON 26th June
_____ 1982
IN 1982
_____ the weekend
AT the weekend (Am Eng: ON the weekend)
_____ Saturday evening
ON Saturday evening
_____ Friday morning
ON Friday morning
_____ night
AT night
_____ Friday night
ON Friday night
_____ half past ten
AT half past ten
_____ Valentine's Day
ON Valentine's Day
_____ 2001
IN 2001
_____ Wednesday
ON Wednesday
_____ Christmas
AT Christmas
_____ spring
IN spring
_____ Christmas Day
ON Christmas Day
_____ Christmas Eve
ON Christmas Eve
_____ the evening
IN the evening
_____ the morning
IN the morning
_____ New Year's Day
ON New Year's Day
_____ February
IN February
_____ 4 July 1990
ON 4 July 1990
_____ seven o´clock
AT seven o´clock
_____ Easter Sunday
ON Easter Sunday
_____ autumn
IN autumn
_____ my birthday
ON my birthday
_____ our wedding day
ON our wedding day