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what's your name?
aapka naam kya hai?
my name is Tom
mera naam Tom hai
how are you?
aap kaisay ho?
how are you doing (healthwise) ?
aapki tabeeyatt kaisee hay?
how is work going?
kaam kaisay chal raha hai?
where are you from?
aap kahaN kay haiN? (N means a nasal sound, not a hard "n")
i live in england / i'm from england
hum england kay rehanay valay haiN / hum england say haiN

(N means a nasal sound, not hard "n")
nice to meet you (it was a pleasure meeting you)
aapsay milkay badi khushee hooey!
ok, see you / auf wiedersehen
accha, phir miltay haiN

(N means a nasal sound, not hard "n")