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What is a computer?

A computer is an electronic device, operating under the control of instructions stored in its memory.

What are the basic components of a computer?

Hardware and Software

This is name given to the physical parts of the computer.


There are 5 general categories of a hardware. Name the general categories.

1. Central Processing Unit

2. Input devices

3. Output devices

4. Memory

5. Storage Devices

These devices are located outside the CPU but are controlled by it.

Peripheral Devices

This is the name given to computer programs that tell the hardware how to work.


Software includes the types of program. Name the types of program.

1. Computer programs

2. System Software

3. Application software

There are 3 of them

What are some advantages of a computer?


1. Computers can perform calculations much more quickly and accurately than human.

2. Large amounts of data can be stored in a small amount of space.

3. Computers can work continuously and perform repetitive tasks well. Unlike their compute counterparts, computers do not get bored or tired.

4. Computers can stimulate things that would take too long, be too dangerous or simply impossible for humans to attempt.

What are some of the disadvantages of the computer?


1. The introduction of computers can cause redundancy in the workplace. Employees may lose their jobs if computer can do a job more efficiently and ultimately more cheaply.

2. Computers make it easy for people to misuse information. Computer to make it easy to store large amounts of information about people. In some cases this information can be freely and easily access and use for purposes which it was not originally intended.

3. Downtown happens when a computer based on our data becomes corrupted. Businesses often rely so much on technology that when computers will they have no backup manual system and are temporarily rendered helpless as a result.

4. The introduction of computer system in the work place is expensive. The cost is more only due to the person of the equipment; in some companies the time it takes to train the staff to use the system causes several thousands of dollars of lost productivity.

5. There are health risk associated with excessive or improper use of computers. The glare from the screen can cause eye strain and inadequate support for the wrists when typing can cause carpel-tunnel syndrome.

Name the types of computer

The types of computer are (roughly in order of size and speed): supercomputers, mainframes, minicomputers and microcomputers.

What is a supercomputer?

Supercomputer is the general term given to the fastest computers in the world.

Like supercomputers, this computer is very fast large scale computer. What is this computer called?


What is a minicomputer?

A minicomputer is a microprocessing computer system that is smaller and slower than a mainframe.

What is a microcomputer?

Microcomputer is a term used to refer to computers that contain a microprocessor.

What is a compute system?

A computer system is the combination of hardware and software.

What is a control unit(CU)?

The control unit (CU) is the part of the CPU, which, as you may be able to guess, controls the operations of the CPU.

_______ and _______ unit performs the calculations and logic operation.

Arithmetic and Logic Unit

Name the 2 types of storage devices.

1. Primary Storage Devices

2. Secondary Storage Devices