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Deposit Slip
A paper form you complete to add money to an account.
An item on which you spend money.
Finance Charge
The interest charged on credit card purchases. Can also be a penalty assessed for late payment of for bouncing a check (see overdraft).
Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
An investment account in which a person can set aside income and recieve certain tax benefits. The money may not be withdrawn until the owner reaches a certain age, or penalties may apply.
The amount of money earned as a aresult of completing a job.
Insufficent Funds
The lack of sufficent funds in an account to pay a particular check or payment.
The fee paid for the use of money.
Interest Rate
The percentage of a sum of money that is charged for its use.
Property or another possession bought for future financial gain.
To provide(money)temporarily on condition that the amount borrowed be returned, usually with an interest fee.
An agreement between a borrower and a lender, in which the borrower agrees to repay money with interest over a period of time.
Currency used as the accepted medium of exchange that both measures worth and stores value.
Monthly statement
A summary letter from the bank that lists by date the money put in and taken out of an account
Mutual Fund
An investment in which a gropu of people put their money together and pay a manager to buy a collection of investments, like stocks from different companies or bonds.
When a check is written for an amount that exceeds the available account balance. The bank generally charges the checking account holder a fee for overdrawing the account, which results in a returned, or "bounced", check.
Personal Identification Number (PIN)
A secrect combanination of numbers that you use to gain access to your account through an electronic device such as an automated teller machine.
A group of investments held by an investor, investment company, or financial institution.
Returned Check
A check that is not honored by a bank because the account has insufficent funds. This is also referred to as a "bounced Check".
Money set asode for large purchases in the future.
Savings account
A bank account for storing money and to which the bank adds interest.
Certificate of ownership in a company.
A fair price or return.
To take money from an account at the bank.
Withdrawal Slip
A paper form you complete to take money form an account.