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tambah (verb)
to add (verb)
tambah-kan (verb)
to get sth. added (cause sth to be added) (verb)
men-jawab (verb)
to answer (from "the answer") (verb)
tampak (verb)
to appear (verb)
men-dekat-i (verb)
to approach (from "near, close") (verb)
tiba (verb)
to arrive (verb)
tanya (verb)
to ask (verb)
men-(t)arik (verb)
to attract, pull, draw (from "to pull") (verb)
men-(t)awar (verb)
to bargain (from "the bargain") (verb)
lahir (verb)
to be born (verb)
sibuk (verb)
to be busy (??) (verb)
di-bersih-kan (verb)
to be cleaned (from "clean") (verb)
ter-lambat (verb)
to be late (from "slow") (verb)
di-siap-kan (verb)
to be prepared (from "ready") (verb)
cetak (verb)
to be printed (verb)
di-sewa (verb)
to be rented (verb)
di-per-baik-i (verb)
to be repaired (verb)
di-sampai-kan (verb)
to be sent to (from "until") (verb)
di-tata (verb)
to be set up (from "the order") (verb)
ter-letak (verb)
to be situated (from "the location, setting") (verb)
jadi (verb)
to become (verb)
ber-tingkah (verb)
to behave (from "mood, whim") (verb)
me-rebus (verb)
to boil (from "boiled") (verb)
antar-kan (verb)
to take (verb)
ambil-kan (verb)
to bring (cause sth to be brought) (verb)
mem-bawa (verb)
to bring, take (verb)
mem-beli (verb)
to buy (verb)
panggil (verb)
to call (verb)
bersih-kan (verb)
to clean (cause sth to be clean) (verb)
terus (verb)
to continue, keep on (verb)
me-masak (verb)
to cook (from "cooked") (verb)
sewa-nya (verb)
to cost (from "to rent") (verb)
lintas (verb)
to cross (verb)
mem-(p)otong (verb)
to cut (from "piece, slice") (verb)
gangga (verb)
to disturb (verb)
ngapain (verb)
to do (verb)
selesai (verb)
to end (verb)
me-nikmat-i (verb)
to enjoy (from "enjoyable, the grace") (verb)
masuk (verb)
to enter (verb)
ke-luar (verb)
to exit, go out (from "beyond, outer") (verb)
meng-isi (verb)
to fill (from "the content") (verb)
cari-kan (verb)
to find (cause something to be searched) (verb)
lupa (verb)
to forget (verb)
goreng (verb)
to fry (verb)
meng-goreng (verb)
to fry (from "fried") (verb)
men-dapat (verb)
to get (from "available") (verb)
minta (verb)
to get, ask, request (verb)
men-dapat-kan (verb)
to get, receive (cause something to be gotten) (verb)
kasi (verb)
to give (verb)
mem-beri-kan (verb)
to give, provide, offer (cause sth to be given) (verb)
mem-beri (verb)
to give, grant, let (verb)
jalan-jalan (verb)
to go for a walk (verb)
jalan terus (verb)
to go straight on (verb)
bakar (verb)
to grill (verb)
mem-(p)anggang (verb)
to grill (from "grilled") (verb)
meng-giling (verb)
to grind (from "miller") (verb)
mem-punya-i (verb)
to have (verb)
punya (verb)
to have, own (possisve) (verb)
ada (verb)
to have, there is/are (verb)
mem-bantu (verb)
to help, to assist (derived from "help") (verb)
meny-(s)akit (verb)
to hurt, ache (derived from "sick ,ill") (verb)
kenal-kan (verb)
to introduce (cause sb to be known) (verb)
tahu (verb)
to know (verb)
ber-angkat (verb)
to leave (derived from "to lift, remove") (verb)
suka, senang (verb)
to like (verb)
mem-buat (verb)
to make (verb)
buat-kan (verb)
to make (verb)
artinya (verb)
to mean (verb)
ber-temu (verb)
to meet (derived from "the friend") (verb)
jumpa (verb)
to meet (verb)
perlu (verb)
to need (verb)
buka (verb)
to open (verb)
mem-(p)esan (verb)
to order (derived from "the order") (verb)
me-lewat-i (verb)
to pass, skip (derived from "through, past") (verb)
bayar (verb)
to pay (verb)
rencana (verb)
to plan (verb)
men-(t)anam (verb)
to plant (verb)
ber-main (verb)
to play (verb)
meny-(s)enang-kan (verb)
to please, delight (derived from "happy") (verb)
sedia-kan (verb)
to prepare (cause sth to be available) (verb)
siap-kan (verb)
to prepare (cause sth to be ready) (verb)
baca (verb)
to read (verb)
ber-santai (verb)
to relax (from "relaxed") (verb)
ingat (verb)
to remember (verb)
meny-(s)ewa (verb)
to rent (verb)
pulang (verb)
to return (verb)
kembali (verb)
to return, come back (verb)
naik (verb)
to ride, climb, take (verb)
mem-bunyi-kan (verb)
to ring (from "sound, noise") (verb)
panggang (verb)
to roast (verb)
lari (verb)
to run (verb)
men-tumis (verb)
to saute (verb)
bilang (verb)
to say (verb)
kata (verb)
to say (verb)
men-cari (verb)
to search (verb)
me-lihat (verb)
to see, view (verb)
kirim (verb)
to send (verb)
membayar bill (verb)
to settle your account (verb)
mandi (verb)
to shower, to bathe (verb)
duduk (verb)
to sit (verb)
tidur (verb)
to sleep (verb)
me-rokok (verb)
to smoke (from "the cigarette") (verb)
ber-bicara (verb)
to speak (verb)
ber-malam (verb)
to spend the night (verb)
mulai (verb)
to start (verb)
meng-inap (verb)
to stay (verb)
menginjak (verb)
to step (verb)
be-lajar (verb)
to study (verb)
be-renang (verb)
to swim (verb)
mati-kan (verb)
to switch off (cause sth to be dead) (verb)
hidup-kan (verb)
to switch on (cause sth to be alive) (verb)
ambit (verb)
to take (verb)
mem-(p)erlu-kan (verb)
to take, require, need (verb)
pikir (verb)
to think (verb)
kera (verb)
to think (verb)
kira (verb)
to think, guess (verb)
ter-jemah-kan (verb)
to translate (verb)
meng-obat-i (verb)
to treat (from "drug, medicine") (verb)
mem-belok (verb)
to turn (from "the turn") (verb)
mengerti (verb)
to understand (verb)
pakai (verb)
to use (verb)
tanggu (verb)
to wait (verb)
bangun (verb)
to wake up (verb)
be-kerja (verb)
to work (verb)
ingin (verb)
to would like (verb)
tulis (verb)
to write (verb)
bisa (verb support)
can (verb support)
dapat (verb support)
can, may, could (verb support)
jangan (verb support)
do not (verb support)
tidak (verb support)
do not (verb support)
sedang… (verb support)
doing (in process) (verb support)
perlu… (verb support)
have to, must (verb support)
mari (verb support)
let (verb support)
boleh (verb support)
May (verb support)
bolehkah (verb support)
May I (verb support)
mungkin (verb support)
may, might (verb support)
harus (verb support)
must (verb support)
belum… (verb support)
not yet (verb support)
sudah… (verb support)
perfect tense (already) (verb support)
akan… (verb support)
will (verb support)