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How many copies are completed of the Passenger train Examination certificates?

Where are these copies kept?

3 copies are completed - white, yellow & green.

White - stays with the loco

Yellow - handed to supervisor

Green - stays in the Train examiner certificate book (drivers copy).

When is the white copy of the Train examination certificate handed in & how?

Handed in at end of shift attached to Driver's time sheet.

What does the driver do with the green copy?

GReen copy is to remain With the driver in the passenger train examination certificate book.

This is to be handed to the Trainexaminers supervisor whenbook is completed.

What is the driver to do with the yellow copy of the train examiner certificate?

Yellow copy is handed to the supervisor prior to trains departure.

When terminating at an attended location where is the brake test certificate to be handed in?

To the Officer in charge.

When terminating at unattended locations where is the brake test certificate to be handed in?

Where locally arranged.