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Benefits B2B general.. 9

Admin, life cycle, self service, collaboration, affordability, human errors, productivity, customisation, inventory

Benefits B2B buyers... 4

Search costs, purchasing costs, efficient procurement, direct to consumer

Benefits B2B Sellers 5

Global market, new sales opportunities, flexibility, marketing costs, excess inventory

Intermediary marketplace 4


Matching... Catalogues, requests, seller and product info, auctions and bids, price comparison

Facilitating transactions... Security, E payment services, escrow, analysis and stats, qualifying

Maintaining exchange... Abide with law/code, handle volume and difference, integration with standard systems, appropriate ads

Other services... Anonymity, security, software, tracking, financing, cloud

Intermediary marketplace benefits to buyers.. 6

One stop, convenience, choice, potential new, maverick buying, relationship management

Intermediary marketplace limitations to buyers 3

Unknown, reliability, lock in

Intermediary marketplace benefits to sellers 6

New channel, excess stock, relationship management, human errors, global reach, no physical location,

Intermediary marketplace limitations to sellers.. 3

Competition, margins, lose out customers possibly

Intermediary marketplace last point

Chicken and egg dilemma Karbonn et al

Seller Marketplace... 6

Dell, Exxon, Cisco, Dell, IBM

Catalogues, fixed/dynamic prices (staples).. Actions and negotiated contracts

Channel conflict.. Solutions 2

Must provide services like customer service, integration, data.. Eg IBM sterling commerce

Selling via auctions.. Savings, excess, stickiness, revenue.. Eg Yahoo in Japan and Hong Kong

Limits.. Difficult to attract buyers.. All costs on you, channel conflicts, reputation and buyers must be high to justify the costs

Buyer marketplace... 18 steps listing only

1 traditional

2 new

3 drivers

4 strategic

5 Kluge.. 19% difference

6 direct benefits

7 indirect benefits

8 barriers

9 Kluge.. Cost savings vary industry wise

10 risks

11 organizational risks

12 business risks

13 security risks

14 technology risks

15 Potter Survey.. Security, lack of faith, identity problem main issues.. 2/3 needed to know before online dealings

16 implementation

17 stock to cd to email/work flow to order entry to accounting system to fully integrated e procurement system

18 Carrie Ericsson.. To make people change the way they do things, perception problem were we doing less work before, upfront costs and roi uncertain

B2B traditional... 11 vs B2B new... 5

Traditional.. Search, paperwork, send, in tray, order no., authorisation, print, send to supplier, delivery, accounts, 3way invoice match, payment

New.. Search, order, deliver, invoice, payment

B2B direct benefits.. 6

Admin cost, time for other things, paper cost, fewer people needed, automated budgetary implementation, payment process usually improved

B2B procurement indirect benefits... 6

Cycle time, flexibility, bargaining power, more time value adding, errors, productivity

Barriers to e procurement... 4

Collaboration, supplier margin, catalogue time consuming, change resistance

E procurement organization risks... 4

Deployment, need to explain, empowerment.. Otj consumption, maverick buying

E procurement technological risks 4

Lack of integration, duplicates, extra software.. Security, range of options.. Which one to chose

E procurement security risks... 3

Breakdown, hacking, information leaks

E procurement business risks... 3

Preferential terms, margins of suppliers, bear all costs