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What are the 3 computing models that AWS makes use of?

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Software as a service (Saas)

What's the difference between IaaS and PaaS?

IaaS is more flexible but higher admin overhead, where you can manage your lifecycle. Paas is less flexible but abstracts a lot more (like Cpanel gives you less choice but less to go wrong)

What are 2 characteristics of Saas?

  • Upgrades are centralised with vendor
  • Payment/Subscription model

What is cloud vs hybrid solution?

A cloud solution runs entirely in the cloudwhereas a hybrid might call out to the cloud, or into a corporation DMZ

What is on premise when using AWS?

When you still use AWS components and techniques but runs on a company's servers rather than Amazon's.

What is an AWS Region? There are two parts to the definition.

A physical location containing multiple Availability Zones

What is an Availability Zone? There are two parts to the definition.

A group of data centres in a region that collaborate/have redundancy

What is the segregation of Regions and Availability zones? There are 2 points.

  • Regions are isolated from each other altogether
  • Availability zones within a region are isolated but communicate through low latency links

What is the shared responsibility model?

AWS keeps the cloud itself secure, you choose the security setup to secure your apps as if you were running on site.

How do we script up AWS services?

Via the AWS CLI

How do the same in Java?

Using the SDK

What is EC2? There are 2 parts to the definition

The web service that provides resizable compute capacity

What is ECS and how does it relate to ECR?

A container management service for Docker containers - it uses ECR as a registry, similar to Dockerhub.

What is Lightsail?

An preconfigured, cookie cutter setup for a Virtual Private Server

What is AWS Batch? There are 2 parts.

  • A setup to run large numbers of jobs
  • Can choose based on whether you need CPU or memory as a priority

What is AWS Elastic Beanstalk? Name 2 things it does.

The tooling to scale your apps up and out, and cut them over

What is Lambda?

A way of running just code, no server required!

What is S3? There are two parts

Object storage, with a web interface to create/update

What is EBS?

Elastic Block Store - Basically disk space

How does this differ from S3?

S3 is an abstraction of storage, rather than something closer to file writing in Java

What is the Amazon Elastic File System?

A file system plan where you pay as you go for usage

What are the DB options provided by AWS?

  • Aurora
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon Dynamo DB
  • Amazon ElastiCache

What is Aurora ?

Relational DB engine for use with MySQL and PostGres

What is RDS?

A service for setting up and administering relational Databases

What is Dynamo?

A no-SQL database service

What is ElastiCache?

A web-service to setup an in memory cache in the cloud

What are two engines that support ElastiCache?

Redis and Memcached

What is Amazon VPC?

Virtual Private Cloud - a way of setting up your 'part' of the cloud with subnets and routing tables etc, as if it was your own network

What is Amazon Cloudfront?

A CDN service

What is Route 53?

Amazon's DNS web service

What is ELB?

Load balancing technology to ensure that underlying EC2 instances get hit evenly

What is IAM?

The tool to manage users, groups and permissions (Identity Access Management)

What is Kinesis?

A platform for Streaming

What is SQS?

Equivalent to a JMS Queue

What is a SNS?

Like a JMS topic

How do regions and availability zones keep data up to date if they're segregated?

Data/Config can be replicated across both physical (Geographic) region or different Availability Zones within different AWS regions

Regions are isolated from eachother to provide the greatest fault tolerance -why would this work?

  • Redundancy is only one part of fault tolerance, segregation is another facet - if one region has a problem, other regions aren't affected because of this segregation.
  • One disaster doesn't bring the whole house down

What is the difference between putting your data in multiple regions as opposed to multiple availability zones within a single region?

  • You can't see 'across regions' by design (for example, to see data in ap-southeast-2 that originated in is-east-1, this data must be copied).
  • By contrast, putting data across availability zones in a region is for fault tolerance.
  • Can think of the former being a conscious design decision, whereas the latter is an everyday practice

Is the availability zone transparent to the user? How about the region?

  • It's not transparent in as much as availability zones are specified by you, but you still don't control the precise data centre by specifying a zone - this is done by AWS to distribute usage across data centres.
  • The region on the other hand is a lot more explicit, if you say ap-southeast-2, you really are choosing it!

What are step functions used for?

An alternative to SQS or MQ - a way of moving data between apps in a serverless fashion

What is Amazon SWF (Simple Workflow) used for?

A runner for background jobs that need orchestration of some kind

What is EC2 auto-scaling?

A way of spinning instances up and down based on criteria without human involvement

What is fargate? There are 2 parts.

  • Running containers without having manage servers or clusters
  • Specify your memory and CPU, not the actual instance you want to run it on.

What is serverless repo?

A place to run lambdas

What is cloudwatch? There are 3 parts

  • Something to gather metrics
  • Something to log applications
  • Something to display events

What technologies can auto-scaling apply to?

  • RDS
  • EC2
  • Dynamo
  • ECS tasks

What is cloudformation?

Grouping related AWS resources into units and having a template to make them a reality

What is the API Gateway?

The 'front door' to your applications from the outside world (when said apps are API endpoints)

What are the 3 types of load balancing and their strategies?

  • Classic - for EC2 use only
  • Application - HTTP/S level - at connection level
  • Network - TCP level - used for extreme performance